You Used To…

You used to be so tenderly
now your touch has gone cold
You used to be so caring
now you couldn’t care less
You used to wipe away my tears
now you are the reason I cry

You used to always be there
Now you are the one that leaves me behind

You used to tell me everything, no secrets
Now you are the one that shuts me out

You used to be the one I gave my all to
Now you are the one I can’t stand to be with


You Are Enough

You are enough.
Your love.
Your affection.
The taste of your lips
The touch of your hand
The look in your eyes
The smile on your face

You are enough for me
Because I love you just the way you are


You Broke Your Promise

A hurt in my chest
in the place where my heart should be
a deep, dark pool of tears…

Lost in my sadness
I don’t see the light anymore
stuck in my sorrow..

the man I used to know
the boy I fell in love with
Is he really gone?

No tenderness
no intimacy
no love at all?

how did we get here…
I can’t wrap my brain around it..
how did we go from fairytale, to nightmare?

you promised
you’d never shut me out
never leave me out in the dark by myself, alone and confused…

you broke your promise
and the boy I loved
the boy I gave my heart to and wanted to marry would never do that…

you broke your promise…