When It All Gets Too Much: Living With A Burnout

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Busy Little Bumblebee

I’ve been thinking a long time about what my first post should be and I decided to start off with something personal and very close to my heart.

I’ve been home since October. First we didn’t really know what was wrong with me, our first thought was “depression”, later it turned out to be a burnout.

I had learned about it  during my studies to be a nurse, but just like depression: it doesn’t matter what you have learned about the matter until it strikes you, personally.

When it started I knew the same things that probably everyone knows about it:
You’re often tired
You don’t feel like doing anything
You are a bit depressed and you get it when you work too hard and have too much stress for a long time.

Ever since I was home I started doing some research on it, and kept a list of…

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