When Life Gets You Down

Last Thursday life got to me once more, in a bad way. 

One of my clients where I go and clean and such apparently complained to my boss. She said it seems that I don’t like my work, even hate it. She said my work isn’t properly done and not very neat. I won’t be going to that client much longer, just until my boss can find someone else to go there. 

It sucks when people go behind your back and complain, but I kind of saw it coming. Her and me never really clicked.

So I don’t mind that she will be dropped out of my client list, it’s just the way she did it that bothered me. She is always very nice and asking about my studies, the wedding. She seems very supportive. And then she goes and does that behind my back… oh well.
It was just the worst possible timing. My grandmother has been in the hospital for over 3 weeks now, we fear that she is losing her mind as well. My grandmother being in the hospital is very hard on my grandfather as well, the poor man. 

I felt a lot of pressure from my studies as well, too much deadlines, classmates being much further than I,… and even though some people don’t believe it, I  quite a perfectionist, I want to be a good student. Make the deadlines.

My love and I have been trying to get a baby for over 2 years now as well, put a lot of money in it. A lot of  heart, a lot of soul. But without result… and now we are on a break from getting pregnant because of our  wedding party in 9 months. 

My best friend is also kind of trying, and has the same medical problem as me and yet… she is pregnant. I am super happy for her -obviously- but to be honest it kind of stung as well. I am over it now though. 

And all of a sudden, everything came crushing down on me… 

it was just too much. 

I started crying and didn’t stop.. picked a fight with my love when he tried to comfort me. 

Life can be a real bitch,with perfect timing. 

I am fine now, focusing on everything good in my life.

Not pregnant : ok, more time to spend with my love and enjoy being alone (with our cat and bunny) 

School: we made up a schedule on when to study what, when to complete an assignment,… and so far it works.

We will see what the future brings. For now I am happy.

All I know is that I want to face the future with a positive mind.

– Britt 

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