Everyday Heartbeats

Wednesday the fifth of June is my birthday.
I’ll be 21 then.
Apparently my boyfriend is planning something, although I have no idea what it is that he’s planning.
Are we going somewhere? Are we seeing someone?
No clue at all.

He’s making me curious though.
Every now and then he tells me something, which makes me want to know even more.
But he’s keeping his mouth shut.

Meanwhile, school is passing by and I’ve started to study for the exams.
It’s going rather well considering that it’s been way too long since I needed to actually study.

My boyfriend is being super supportive though, and we cherish our moments together even more, knowing that we won’t be able to constantly see each other the next few weeks, since I’ll have to study, have exams, …
I’m not looking forward to it.
I need him by side. As much as possible.
But it has to be done.

What I do look forward to though is my three weeks home alone, when the rest of the family ‘ll be on vacation.
Because then, my boyfriend will move in with me for three weeks.
It’s a good way to see if we would be able to live together.
I’m counting the day ’till then.

I’m also planning on inviting some friends over in those weeks.
Although I’ll be on my internship.

I’ll practice my cooking, cleaning and ironing as well.
I’ll practice running a household.
My boyfriend and I will be a little family of our own.

I’ll see him after our work, we’ll cook together, watch TV together, go to bed together, …

Yes, it will be heaven.


Declaration of Love

Give me a sign.
Tell me what I should do
to win your love.

Give me a sign.
Tell me what it is that I need to say
to win you over.

I’d take my heart out of my chest and hand it to you myself.
I’d give my all.
If only you’d love me.

I would go wherever you want me to go.
I’d travel to unknown places. Face my biggest fears.
To be yours.

If only you would see
just how perfect it could be.
You and me.

Looking into your eyes,
I know it’s where I’m meant to be.
I want to lose myself in your embrace.

I want to kiss you endlessly.
Hold you close.
Call you mine.

So please, let me love you like I know I can.
Let me shower you with adoration.
Desire finally fulfilled.

Because it is you that I want most.
It’s you that I crave for.
It’s you that I’d do anything for.

It’s always been you, 
it still is,
and it will always be you.


Tumblr Post

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This one’s from today.

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I Dream

I dream.

Of our own little place.
Where it always smells like roses.
Where the rays of the sun dance on the floor and windows.

Where happiness is all around us.
Where we dance every night, drinking whine.
Where we make love.

Where we live.
Where our friends come to visit us.
Where we can fall asleep on the couch, cuddling for the telly.

Where we fight,
make up.
Laugh and cry.

Where we start a new chapter of our life,
Where we’ll learn just how strong our love is.

Where we surprise each other.
Where we cook side by side.
Where we clean dishes, splashing water into each other’s face.

Where we give our own personal touch.
Painting the walls.
Decorating. Making it ours.

We wouldn’t need a big apartment.
Or a lot of money.
As long as we’d have each other, we’d be fine.

I dream and dream, 
and hope that it will finally come true.
I count the days.



Princess of Darkness

As a dark princess she split the sky.
Leaving slight waves of fog all around her.
Bats surrounding her.
Crows flying close to her.

Creatures of the night came out of their homes.
Following her into the dark forest.
As she danced through the night, 
with only the light of the moon to guide her.

Wolves walking by her side, guiding her.
Protecting her.
She curled the ends of her red painted lips up.
A beautiful smile showing on her face.

She was neither good nor bad.
A princess of the darkness.
Filled with life,
but inevitable connected to death.

Dancing as if she was in her own little world.
Protected by the creatures on her side.
The darkness.
The moon.

Alone she danced.
Laughed and cried.
Twirled as her black hair spread around her, like a veil.

But happy.