Alice In Wonderland

I’ve always been fascinated by the stories about Alice In Wonderland, by Lewis Carroll. Even to this day it’s still one of my favorite stories, although it’s one of the most haunting ones as well. My biggest fears are drowning and being held in a tight space, so you will never see me in a submarine, or going scuba diving, cave exploring…
So when she fell down that rabbit hole, my breath stopped. And when she almost drowned in her own tears, my heart almost stopped beating, because I felt scared in her place.

I guess I kind of recognized myself in little Alice: a young, curious, smart-mouthed yet shy girl. Always wondering about everything.
When I was little, I grew up watching the disney version of the story, as I got older, I saw another version of the story , “Alice In Wonderland” the 1999 version.

It was a whole new world for me, and is still my favorite version!
When I was old enough, I read the books , in English.

And then came the Tim Burton version (which I also loved!) and this May the second part will come out: Alice Through The Looking Glass (which is also the second part of the story, the second book if you will), I can’t wait!


There was a place close to where I lived, a wall of green, overgrown with ivy and there was this shape cut out: it had the shape of a door. It stood in the middle of a field, in the middle of nowhere. I always -and still- imagined that it would be the portal to Wonderland.

What fascinated me, a shy curious young girl, about the story the most is the fact that there are so many magical things present in the story, and all these different characters that to me always symbolized people I knew in real life.
My parents, friends, ….


As I got older I realized that the story, the wisdom inside it is still useful and true up to this day. As I got older, to me it became a story about finding yourself and what you are capable of. It’s about always believing in yourself, even if nobody else does.
Which is something I take great inspiration and strength from.

In the story, Alice overcomes her own fears by wandering through Wonderland and meeting new friends.

It’s a story close to my heart, one I’m eager to tell my children later.
And just like Alice, even though I got older, changed, grew more mature, I’m still a curious little girl that truly believes in magic and curious things.