Home Is Where The Heart Is

I open my eyes and look around me, take in the room.
There’s the yellow roses on the sideboard right next to the wooden frame saying “Dream.Hope.Wish.Believe” , a chrystal rose standing beside it.
The old vintage radio on the other side.
On the windowsill you find a set of scented candles and in the middle an Elvish replica sword from “Lord of the rings”, one of our most favorite movies.
Below the windowsill you find the cage where my little rabbit sits, Nijntje, peacefully sleeping. A little ball of fur.
Scented candles continue to spread around the television, on the living table, the bookshelves…

On the kitchen table you find even more flowers and fresh baked cupcakes.
Upstairs you find two bedrooms, one currently being used as storage space and one cozy used as master bedroom. Painted in light and dark olive colors, our bed in the middle in light brown which causes a magnificent contrast with the olive colors. Candles on the nightstands as well along with a night lamp.

The other bedroom is painted in a sort of turquoise blue, dark and lighter. There still needs to come a desk and sleeping bench. Right now all you find in there is our huge wardrobe closet, multiple boxes packed with things and my saxophone.

This room is meant to one day serve as a child’s room as well… who knows.

I look around and take it all in, all the cozy ness, the rabbit in the living room, the candles, the blanket on the couch, … the cupcakes on the kitchen table, flowers, the pictures…

I look around and I smile.
My heart starts to beat faster.
Yes, this is home.
I am home.