Take Me

Take me.
Take me soft,
take me hard.

Tear my clothes from my body.
Feel my skin.
Feel it tremble under your touch.

Kiss my lips,
bite my neck.
As I leave scratch marks on your back.

Touch me.
Feel me.
Make me reach the highest point.

Take me there.
Pull me up.
Pin me down.

Need me.
Want me.
Say I’m your biggest desire.

Cup my breasts.
Pull me close.
Kiss my skin.

Extinguish the fire burning deep inside of me.
The everlasting desire.

Make me feel loved.

For I want you so badly.



This is a short text I just wrote. If you have read it, please let me know what you think of it. Since I don’t normally write such things as this, I wonder if it’s good. If it is, I just might make a short story out of it. Who knows. Hope you enjoy reading it!

As he kissed her neck, she felt the butterflies in her stomach. Vibes moving up and down her spine.
It happened pretty much everytime they kissed.
“Dorian…” she started to say, he just put a finger on her lips. Causing her to stay silent.
She was completely helpless, and couldn’t do a thing except looking into his deep brown eyes.
She closed her eyes, allowed herself to slide into a kind of trance, filled with pleasure.
She wanted him. She longed for him. He was her greatest desire.
“Dorian…. I..-“, she couldn’t even finish her sentence, because he had his hands placed on either side of her neck and pulled her closer to his face as he kissed her deeply.
It was a shock, but a pleasant one, as she felt herself getting lost in the kiss.
Her hands took a hold of his back, her nails sliding over his bare back, leaving marks now and there.
She could hear him groan.
He wanted this too.
Passion was racing through her veins, the adrenaline pumping.
She got up as she kept kissing him, hard.
He took her shirt off and pulled her closer.
Her body pressing against his bare chest.
She wanted him.
She needed him.
She was ready to give herself to him.
To get lost, and never be found.
His hand slid to the lock of her bra, softly, teasingly unlocking it. She could feel the release of pressure on her breasts as he slowly took her bra off.
He threw it somewhere on the floor. She couldn’t control herself any longer, dying to want him she pushed her naked breasts against his chest.
A burning flame growing inside of her. His hands were caressing her body. His lips were tasting the skin of her neck.
Desire. Passion. He made her feel naughty.
Her hands were sliding the edge of his boxers, teasing him. She could hear his heart go faster.
She bit his earlobe, which made him moan.
She couldn’t wait to see what would happen next.