London ,Baby

Hi lovelies!

I know it’s been awhile -again… – which is why I’m currently taking some time on vacation to write you lovelies these post.

I’m currently in London for my second day of six days here, with my lovely fiancé (you read that right!).
The past few months have been kind of busy: new work, preparations for school, school started, bills bills bills, …
AND as you read before: I got engaged!
For my birthday (5th of June) my love took me to a surprise weekend to the north of France where we stayed in a beautiful fairytale castle and on the morning of my birthday, while our roomservice breakfast was on the way… HE PROPOSED !!
I first cried for like ten minutes straight and finally blurred out “YES!”.

So the past few months has been me stressing a lot over the wedding since I want to keep it small, simple, cheap, but fun.

We would marry November next year.
An Autumn wedding!

So vacation was well needed.
And 6 days of London/England was our favorite choice.

Yesterday we went to visit Covent Garden (which we already lost our heart to in the past), Piccadilly Circus, SoHo and China Town.

Today we had a “slow” day and went to visit the British Museum for almost 5 hours.
Tonight we have a musical planned, one of my favorite Disney stories of all time: Aladdin.

Tomorrow we have an excursion to Stonehenge and Bath, which I’m super excited for!

Friday we are going to Camden Town, Highgate Cemetery and maybe Hampstead Heath park.

Saturday is time to visit Hever Castle. I’ve been there before with school and just needed to get back there!

Sunday -our last day- will be a nice and quiet one which is not exactly planned out yet 🙂

I’ll try to do my best to keep you guys posted, but if I don’t find the time (since I need to study too) I’ll try to write some posts once I’m back home, since I’ll be in vacation for another week.

See you soon my lovelies!