Love Comes Easy With You

We do groceries together, every Monday.
We have our quality time together.
We watch movies, series, play games together…
We wash dishes together.
We cook together.
Just like we used to be before, we’re inseparable.
We’re always together.

Our lives revolve around each other.
We plan our lives, our holidays, our future….

We look forward, never back.

You wake me up with a kiss every morning.
You put me to sleep with a kiss every evening.

Perfection is when I look into your eyes.
Your smile still amazes me, leaves me breathless.

Oh how love comes easy with you.

Love & Diversity

This is a commercial very close to my heart.
I too stand and fight for equal rights; lesbians, gay’s, straight, black, white, Asian, ….
We are all the same and we all deserve the same rights.

Every person, no matter what their race is or their sexual preferences should be allowed to marry and have children when they’d want to.

Love is not a choice, love is a feeling.
And it’s one everyone should be able to experience and fully enjoy if you ask me.