When Elenia woke up the next morning, she felt happy. Renewed. Alive.

It seemed like the sadness and hurt had finally left her heart . She didn’t know for how long, and frankly, she didn’t even care. She felt good, great even. That’s all that mattered.

Though there was just one strange thing, her thoughts concerning the past night were a blur. A black blur.

She remembered hearing a loud sound, she thinks she even got up to see what it was, but from then on, everything’s a blur.
Oh well, didn’t really matter.

It was a beautiful day. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, the weather was great. Time to go out to nature.

Her feet leaded her to her favourite spot when the weather was good. The forest. With her new camera in her hands, she danced over the path, into the forest. Smiling, feeling happy as ever. Taking pictures of every beautiful thing she saw, the sun shining on some leaves, the water sparkling as the rays of the sun reflected in it…

The forest had never looked so beautiful before.

“I just have to take a picture of this” , she said as she watched a little bird enjoying the sun on a tree branch.

When all of a sudden, she heard a noise behind her. Leaves being moved. Branches breaking. She quickly turned around but couldn’t see anything.

She moved to the direction the sound came from. A shadow passed. It surprised her so hard that she ran off, away.



Elenia looked around, but Damian was nowhere to be found.

He was gone. As if the darkness, from which he appeared, had taken him back.

For a minute she just stood there, trying to figure out what just had happened.

Who was this mysterious person that called himself Damian? What had he been doing in a forest in the middle of the night? And why did he hid himself in the dark? He surely didn’t look afraid or shy to her.


She thought about the way he made her feel, there’d been something..calming about him. Relaxing.

As if he didn’t want her to be afraid of him.

And his words had sounded so musically, his voice so calm, yet so steady. Always slightly mocking.

And his manners… how strange.

As she continued thinking about the strange person she had just met, she walked her way back to the path, leading her back to the cold, quiet street. She looked up at the sky, seeing that light was already starting to break through the darkness of the night. A slight twilight split the sky, dividing it in darkness and light.

Everyone was still asleep, and it seemed as if the world hadn’t even noticed that she’d been gone.

When she got to her house, she carefully unlocked the back door with her key.

A few minutes later she was up in her room, still thinking about what had happened in the forest.

“I need to know who he is, but how? I don’t even know if I’ll ever see him again, or how, or when. I don’t know anything about him. Nothing, but his name. Damian. Damian.” She kept saying his name, letting it touch her lips, stroking it, and letting it go then. As if saying the name over and over again would make things more clear. “And that laugh… that smile…”

Because of all the excitement, she fell asleep almost immediately.

Dreams about a mysterious male person found their way into her head. “And what might it be that brings a young little girl into the forest at night?” His words echoed in her mind.

Rocking her into a deep, deep sleep.


A loud, hard bang woke her up. Startled, she looked around her room to see where it had came from.

The window.

She quickly got up, slipped out of her bed and tiptoed over to the window.

With shaking hands she pulled the curtains away.

Bit by bit.

Her heart began to beat faster, she bit her lip.

She looked.


There was absolutely nothing.

But still she was absolutely sure that she had heard a bang. And a loud one too.

She climbed on top of the seat next to her window and peered through the glass.

Everything looked normal.

The big tree in front of her house still swayed its leaves in the wind. Looking almost alive.

The street lamp still cast shadows on the street.

Everything was normal.

But she couldn’t get rid of the feeling that there was something out there.

Something that didn’t belong there.

She looked at her windowsill, there was something there.

Silently, she opened her window.

There was something there.

She spread her hand and her fingers got hold of a little , black feather.

“Of course,” she thought, “it must have been a bird that flew against my window. Sure hope it’s alright.”

She laughed, closing the window and curtains again, returning to her bed.

As she was sound asleep, she didn’t notice a dark figure standing across the street. Looking up to the window on the first floor. Smiling  a wide grin.

“Sweet dreams Elenia, we will meet again soon.”

He walked away, becoming one with the darkness with every step he took.

Until there was no trace left of him ever being there.

This is the second part of the story, let me know if you like it. 

A Nightly Walk


it’s dark outside. All you can see is the darkness of the night, and here and now a tiny spot of light, trying to fight it’s way out of the black and ever present darkness.

There’s barely enough light to show the silhouette, moving in the dark. The streetlamps cast a shadow on the cold abandonned street. Black All Stars are moving on the hard street. Long blonde hair is blowing in the wind. You can barely see her. Her face is hidden in her scarf, her hair blowing over her black leather jacket.

She walks, step by step, embracing the darkness that surrounds her. Looking up at the full moon, feeling a strange connection with it. It feels… familiar. Safe. Known.

When she gets to the intersection with the forest on her right, she hesitates. The forest is her favourite place in the neighborhood. It’s the place where she goes to , when life gets too much too handle. It’s her harbor of peace and quite.

She hesitates.

The trees seem to invite her to walk on the path made with little rocks, sparkling as the light of the full moon shines on it. Their leaves were whispering to her, asking her to join them. Inviting her in.

She slowly took one step onto the path. She could hear the rocks crack underneath her shoe. The moon showed her the way she knew so well.

She walked.

A feeling of coming home came into her heart. She felt safe. A feeling she hadn’t been experiencing for far too long.

Admiring the beauty of the night, she smiled. Softly, mysteriously.

She thought off all the good times she has had there, beneath those trees. On the small bridge next to the  stream that ran through the forest.

Trying to forget about the bad times, when she’d been sitting there, crying her heart out.

She continued her walk, sometimes stopping for just a second. To pick up a tiny little flower, which had just opened.

She reached the bridge and sat down.



Not a sound was heard, not a sound at all, just the peace and quiet of the night.

When suddenly , out of the stillness, there came a figure.

Slowly moving towards the bridge.

Her heart began to race. She held her breath as she watched the figure coming closer towards her with every step.

“And what might it be that brings a young little girl into the forest at night?”, a slightly mocking voice asked.

She swallowed once before answering.

“I come here often really, just never had the opportunity to come here at night. Even though it’s even more beautiful in the dark.”

“Sure is”, the mocking voice said again, a bit more kind this time. Understanding almost.

“But the night brings more than only beauty, it has dangers in it as well.” He said, smirking, “just have a look at this situation, a little girl, innocent, defenceless. How do you know that I’m not dangerous?” He smiled a wide grin.

“Maybe I’m not as defenceless as you think I am”, she replied. “And what is your reason to be here, if I may ask?”

There was a laugh. “I have my reasons to be out here at night. Let’s just keep it to that.”

She tried to see what he looks like, see his face. But he hid himself in the shadows of the trees. Remaining a mystery.

“Well, I better get going,” she said as she got up, “my parents might have noticed that I’m not in the house and the last thing I need right now is to get into even more trouble than I already am.”

“I understand,” he said, as he gently nodded his head, “it was nice meeting you…?”

“Elenia”, she said as she answered his unspoken question.

“Damian”, he introduced himself, making an elegant bow.

“It was nice meeting you as well Damian, too bad I won’t see you again.”

“Oh,” he smiled, “I wouldn’t be too sure of that”, he said as he turned and disappeared in the dark.

This is the first part of a story that I’m writing, I hope you like reading it, please feel free to leave a comment if you do, letting me know that I should continue writing the story.

Because  it’s you guys that are keeping it alive