Some Time Ago…

Some time ago I fell in love with you.
Your smile easily won me over all of a sudden.
Maybe it was your charm?

I can still remember that laugh.
My heart immediately skipped a beat.
Darling, my dear, how come I didn’t notice that before?

Sometimes I still wonder how I could’ve been so reckless, 
so blind.
Not noticing the beauty that you are before.

Yet you patiently waited, you stood by.
You kept waiting.

You had always been there, as long as I can remember. 
Hiding in the shadows.
Standing in the background.

You knew your time would come one day.
And how I adore you now.
I couldn’t imagine life without you anymore.

Your voice is the only sound that can always soothe me.
I love the sound of your laugh.
The dimples you get when you smile.

You’re cute, beautiful, adorable.
I love you to bits, so much.
Baby you’re my all.

I still don’t understand how I didn’t notice that so long ago,
and how hard I’m falling for you now.
You truly are my obsession.

You’re all I can think about.
All I dream about.
Truly a dream come true.



In one of my earlier posts, the one called “Waiting for love” – – I already talked about , in my opinion, one of the most beautiful parts from the show “How I met your mother” –it’s one of my all time favorites for sure-. The part where Ted Mosby and Stella Zinman are in her car, and Ted’s talking about how he wants what Stella and her boyfriend have, what Lily and Marshall have, … true love. A good , real love. And how he’s tired of waiting. I have to say, I knew and still know how he feels. Haven’t we all? That you just got tired of waiting around for the perfect one to come around. To make all the waiting and suffering worth. I sure could.

And this is a beautiful video I found on youtube, that kind of perfectly describes it all. How he got hurt in the past, with past relationships. How he grew stronger every time and got over it. And how those changes, leaded him to his true love (‘the mother’, not shown in this clip). The song used in the video is Five for fighting with chances. A very beautiful song.


This video shows how you get beaten down by love, but how you just have to get back on your feet again. How you’ll get stronger, and finally achieve that what you wanted the most. Enjoy

Going Crazy

I think I’m losing my mind.

There’s so much work that I don’t know what to do first. I know I need to focus on my work for school, my exams, but I seem to get even more distracted than usual. Everything around me looks so fascinating now. An I’m so tired. I can never fall asleep at night, and when I do, it’s very late (or very early, depends on how you look at it) and then it’s hard for me to get up in the morning. How come I’m so tired? So.. lazy?

I get distracted by things in my room, by sites (my blog, facebook, my mails, … ), by my cellphone, …

God I’m going crazy…

I know that I really, really need to do my work, and I am, but it’s going nowhere.

Especially my mailbox distracts me, since I’m waiting for a mail of a special person. And since he doesn’t have a cellphone, and barely (almost never) comes on facebook, it’s pretty much the only way to be in contact with him. Which is very frustrating for me, since I never know when he’ll be on his computer.

The usefulness of a mobile phone is really underestimated. Trust me.

Guess I’ll just try to get at least some of the work done. -sigh-

Wish me luck!

Waiting For Love

Today I saw my friends again, after being parted from them for five days -which may not seem long, but when you are as close as we are, it’s hell!- .

As usual, we had a great day together, they’re just the best. All of them. I love my gang.

And well, it’s on moments like that, that I realize that I can be fine without like a boyfriend in my life. I want to have one, of course, obviously, I want to be loved and love. Hang out and do things only couples can. But for now… I’m fine with just having great friends, hanging out with them, doing crazy stuff with them, … of course there are some boys whom I talk to as well, cute boys.

There’s this one boy for example that I’ve known for some years, even though we actually never talked. But now , since about a week or so, we do, a lot, and well… I like it. Just talking with him, not hoping for anything to come out of it. Just..talking; funny, supportive, sweet, crazy, random talks, … it’s fun really.

I know that most people, after a break-up , feel useless, a waste of space, I’ve been there. But the truth is, that you just have to figure out who you are on your own. Who are you? What do you want in life? What’s important for you?

And especially: Believe that the right one is out there , waiting for you, on his/her way.

I would like to illustrate this with a beautiful part of a conversation between Ted Mosby and Stella Zinman from “How I Met Your Mother”

Ted “What you and tony have, what I thought for a second you and I had,
what I know that Lily and Marshall have…
I want that. I do.
I keep waiting for it to happen and waiting for it to happen.
I guess I’m just tired of waiting.”

Stella: “I know that you’re tired of waiting
and you may have to wait a little while more, but she’s on her way , Ted.
And she’s getting here, as fast as she can.”

And it’s true. Your true love, is out there. Whether you believe it or not. And it’s true what they say, when you’re not out there, looking for love, that’s when it comes to you. Give it some time. Don’t rush things. It’s a lesson I had to learn the hard way as well. But it pays off, I’m sure of that.

There is a perfect boy for me, and I will find him, or he will find me.

I’ll just.. sit around, waiting, believing.

Until the day he comes.

And I’ll live hapilly ever after.

– Britt