I like to think of myself as a romantic person.
Always have.

I can enjoy a good chick-flick, but often end up irritated.
True love isn’t about letting the right person go, getting into a relationship with someone and end up cheating on your current partner with “the one”.

I know that true love isn’t easy, and not always clear to see in the moment. But it doesn’t give you an excuse to cheat on your current partner, even if when it is with “your one true love”.

For that reason, I don’t like The Notebook for example. She can’t seem to make up her mind, dumps him, becomes engaged to someone else and end up cheating on him with her first love… I do , however, totally adore the fact that years later, when they are both old, he still stands by her and tells her their story -without her knowing at first it’s their story-. I love how he still loves her and looks after her. I love that you can really tell how much they love each other. And the ending, when they die together is simply beautiful.

But that’s pretty much the only part of the movie that I like.
You have a few other movies like that as well, and I know, the girl/guy usually has reasons why they did what they did, and people can relate to that but still…
I usually feel bad for the other guys/girls that get used in the meanwhile, that get cheated on and have their heart broken.

No, I’m a romantic.
That’s why , for example, I love vampires so much.
They pick someone and stay with them, for eternity. That kind of old school romance, true, unconditional love…
It warms my heart just thinking about it.

So when you ask me what my favourite romantic movie is then, I can say , without hesitation: “Ps. I love you”.
They were a couple that wasn’t perfect, but they loved each other nonetheless and were faithful. And so adorable, even though they hadn’t got the easiest life.

Even after he died, he kept taking care of her.

I could go on endlessly, but I’ll leave it a this.

I’m a romantic.
I believe in true love.
In fighting for what you love.
In unconditional love.
My favourite flowers are red roses, I know, how typical can you be.
I love kisses and walks during sunset.
I love long conversations that go deep into the night.
I love all the mushy romantic things.
I’m a real sucker for romance.

The love from old movies, books.
Where men were gentlemen.
Where women knew what they wanted.

I am romantic myself as well, in my actions.
I often prepare breakfast for my love, and give him breakfast on bed.
I love to surprise him.
I love to make him feel loved.

And as I am writing this, I am thinking about how I would love to watch a good movie again.

Life’s too short, so that’s what I’ll do now.

Talk soon ,my lovelies.

– Britt



Shout out for an amazing friend !

This post goes out to someone special.
I met her here, on WordPress, and although we only speak here, in comments I feel like she’s become a true friend.
I love her writings and I love how she keeps supporting my blog (even though it’s gotten pretty crappy lately, considering I rarely write… sorry for that. Writer’s block.)
She’s been comforting me and pulling me through some pretty rough times.

So therefore, 
thank you Dakshi, for always being there for me and for being such a good friend.

Lots of love for you!

Ps. Make sure to check out her a-ma-zing blog!


True Love…

True love isn’t about beauty or good looks, it’s about loving the other person for who they are.
It’s about loving not only the good, but also the bad.
True love is about being different on some points, but instead of seeing it either black or white, be able to see it as gray and make something special out of it.
It’s about loving the other person not only for what they are, but also for what they can be.
It’s about seeing their potential. To be greater than they believe themselves.
It’s about looking further than the outside, and be prepared and willing to see what else is there to see.
It’s about patience.
It’s about loving what’s inside.



Lovingly she looked into his eyes while caressing his hair. Softly stroking it out of his face.
“I’m still wondering what I did to deserve you”, she softly says as she happily sighs.

He smiles as he looks up at her “I could ask myself the same thing, but the answer is simple. What’s meant to be will be, sooner or later. Even if it sometimes takes a while.”

“But you had to wait for so long, a year and a half give or take.” She said, feeling a little bit guilty. “I still don’t understand why I kept you waiting for so long, it must have hurt you so much…” She looks down, the guilt getting stronger by the second. 

“hey…” he puts his hand on her chin, and turns her face so that she’s facing him. He deeply looks into her eyes. “No need to say sorry. Yes, you made me wait, but I never gave up. I always hoped that one day you’d change your mind. I waited for you, waited ’till the moment that you would be ready. And now you are, and we’re together.” She smiled as a tear rolled down her cheek. He leans in, his lips almost touching hers “and I have never regretted waiting for you, not a second.” His lips tenderly kiss her as his hands slide down her neck.
She holds him close as they kiss, getting lost in the moment. Yes, this truly is perfection. 




Shizzles Of A College Student

Today I got up an hour later than usual, around 10a.m that is since I had a rather late night.
I woke up and started studying, since I thought I was the only one up.
I felt… good. Great even. As if I have been sleeping long enough, did everything I wanted…
Since I’ve spent the past four days at home, mostly in my bed -since it’s heavenly warm under my blanket- , I had the feeling that it already was Monday again. And well.. it’s kind of great to have that feeling when it’s NOT Monday. Sounds weird but I can’t explain.
You might compare it to the feeling of not looking forward to another week at work/school because you hate it there when all of a sudden someone says that instead of going to school/work you have a week off and are free to do anything you want.
Well, that kind of feeling.
And I’m actually looking forward to returning to school tomorrow morning, since I missed my classmates, my friends.
And well, I only have two classes, so I can come home in the afternoon and do homework. No need to hurry myself for once on a Monday. No Manic Monday for me tomorrow.
And I like that, being able to take some time for myself, for the things that really matter.
Family, friends, my boyfriend, and school of course.
I admit, that lately it’s been hard to find a balance between all those things.
I admit that I might have neglect some friends, that I wasn’t there for them when they needed me.
But I’m so so busy with school and the little spare time I have, I mostly spend with my boyfriend. Or my family.
Because they matter as well.
So I’m hoping that my friends won’t judge me. Trust me, I’m trying to find a balance, I am.
And I’ll make it up to you guys, so don’t give up on me just yet.
Since exams are coming up soon, I have even less time. I can’t even get to swimming practice anymore. Which I find sad, but it’s the best thing to do, since last year I did go to practices during my exams or when I was supposed to study and well… I ended up having too little time. And the thing I studied last year (History and English High School Teacher) was wayyyyy less hard than my current study. Waayyyy less.
So, I’ll be busy as hell -sorry for the language-
But I’m sure the true friends ‘ll still be there when it’s over. I’m sure they’ll still hug me and have fun with me. They won’t let me down, and neither will I let them down.
So hang in there, I’m not over just yet.