When A Heart Skips A Beat

One look from you, and I’m lost.
My head is somewhere floating around in space
while my heart is beating so hard I’m scared it will just pop out of my chest.

When you touch me, gently slide your fingers over my skin,
I get goosebumps.

Even after all these time I still drown whenever I look into those big, beautiful eyes.
You’re so heartbreaking beautiful.
I could just look at you all day. Day after day.

Your kisses still leave me speechless.
Whether it’s a simple “hello” kiss or a passionate one, filled with desire.
Which makes saying “goodnight” to you even harder than it already is.

Even after almost a year and a half, you’re still the air that I breathe.
The world that I live in.
My own little piece of perfection. My angel from heaven.



I Love Him

Today I realized what a great relationship I actually have.
I may not have a romantic boyfriend,
or an over active one.
Or the most muscular or strong one.

But God…
He’s the sweetest boy I’ve ever met.
He’s my best friend, big brother, lover and soulmate all wrapped into one.
We laugh with so many things that only the two of us understand.
We even started watching series together, we’ve seen about… 4 seasons of Family Guy together, and now we’re trying to watch season 1 of Game of Thrones.
We know what the other’s thinking, just by simply looking into the eyes.
I even know what he feels without him telling me.
And when he’s hurting (he hurts himself quite often on floorball matches and trainings), I even feel hurt there too.
When he’s feeling sick, so am I.

And yes, times have been hard on us.
But the fact that even now, after spending every single day together for over a month already we still couldn’t bare to spend one day apart…
It’s love.
It’s my definition of true love.

We take care of each other.
We support each other trough and through.
We’ve got each other’s back.
We care for each other.
We love each other.
Adore each other.

He really is my world, my reason for living.
The way he makes sure that no one wakes me when I accidentally fall asleep in his bed.
The way he’s worried when I’m hurt because of my period.
The way he strokes my hair because he knows I love it so much, and because it helps me relax and fall asleep more easily.
The way he takes me to the movies to watch movies that he doesn’t even like (Beautiful Creatures for example, which I also think as a rather chick movie type of film than one you’d see with your boyfriend…).

And he does all of that with a smile.
With love.
Oh how I love him, my sweet adorable boyfriend.

I love him dearly.