Night Terrors

I’m going through a real hard time right now.

There’s been lots of fights at home, between me and my parents.
Mostly my mom and I.
Which caused me and my boyfriend to fight, because most of the times my mom was setting up new rules.
When my boyfriend and I could meet, whether we could sleep together or not, whether we’d eat together or not…

My love and I never used to fight, but lately, we often do.
So things aren’t always so great between the two of us as well.

School sucks, more than it did before.
I love what I’m doing, I just don’t like my class anymore.
20 babbling women… It literally drives you nuts.
My head is pounding every evening.
There’s also so much drama.
Backstabbing comments, sneers, …

I thought things were getting better, but then last night when I was sleeping next to my love, something happened.
This morning he told me that suddenly, in the middle of the night, I’d started screaming in terror and fear.
It was a scream and a cry combined.
He said that it sounded as if I was terrified of something.
He soothed me a bit and told me to lay down in his arms, which according to him I did as he held me close.

The things is: I didn’t have a nightmare.
I don’t remember anything as well.

Which means my night terrors are back.
This kind of situation only happens when I’m trying to suppress things. 
Which obviously doesn’t work. 

I have to admit that I’m a bit scared…
Since I thought I had things back under control, but instead it’s gotten worse…

Now I don’t even have some rest at night…