I like to think of myself as a romantic person.
Always have.

I can enjoy a good chick-flick, but often end up irritated.
True love isn’t about letting the right person go, getting into a relationship with someone and end up cheating on your current partner with “the one”.

I know that true love isn’t easy, and not always clear to see in the moment. But it doesn’t give you an excuse to cheat on your current partner, even if when it is with “your one true love”.

For that reason, I don’t like The Notebook for example. She can’t seem to make up her mind, dumps him, becomes engaged to someone else and end up cheating on him with her first love… I do , however, totally adore the fact that years later, when they are both old, he still stands by her and tells her their story -without her knowing at first it’s their story-. I love how he still loves her and looks after her. I love that you can really tell how much they love each other. And the ending, when they die together is simply beautiful.

But that’s pretty much the only part of the movie that I like.
You have a few other movies like that as well, and I know, the girl/guy usually has reasons why they did what they did, and people can relate to that but still…
I usually feel bad for the other guys/girls that get used in the meanwhile, that get cheated on and have their heart broken.

No, I’m a romantic.
That’s why , for example, I love vampires so much.
They pick someone and stay with them, for eternity. That kind of old school romance, true, unconditional love…
It warms my heart just thinking about it.

So when you ask me what my favourite romantic movie is then, I can say , without hesitation: “Ps. I love you”.
They were a couple that wasn’t perfect, but they loved each other nonetheless and were faithful. And so adorable, even though they hadn’t got the easiest life.

Even after he died, he kept taking care of her.

I could go on endlessly, but I’ll leave it a this.

I’m a romantic.
I believe in true love.
In fighting for what you love.
In unconditional love.
My favourite flowers are red roses, I know, how typical can you be.
I love kisses and walks during sunset.
I love long conversations that go deep into the night.
I love all the mushy romantic things.
I’m a real sucker for romance.

The love from old movies, books.
Where men were gentlemen.
Where women knew what they wanted.

I am romantic myself as well, in my actions.
I often prepare breakfast for my love, and give him breakfast on bed.
I love to surprise him.
I love to make him feel loved.

And as I am writing this, I am thinking about how I would love to watch a good movie again.

Life’s too short, so that’s what I’ll do now.

Talk soon ,my lovelies.

– Britt



Ordinary School Day Filled With Love

Today was a good day.
We had food science (I don’t know what else to call it in English) in the morning.
It went by rather slowly, but still, it was fun.

Our lunch break was great though.
We ended our first class early so we had an extra thirty minutes lunch break.
I went to get a sandwich with some of my classmates and sat in the park, in the sun with them.
We talked, laughed, …
It was so much fun.

The afternoon class was fun as well, but there was way too much noise.
22 women sure can talk… a lot!

There were some emotional moments in the afternoon class (social skills) and I missed my boyfriend…
a lot…
since I knew that I wouldn’t see him today.

I never do on Thursday’s.

Pff… I sure hope he’s going to stop by anyway.
Just to say hi.

It’s hard, missing him.

I know that lately I’ve had a hard time finding out what a real stable long lasting relationship is.
I had to find some things out on my own.

But we’re doing better.
And now that I look back on it, we never really stopped doing good.

But we’re going to the wellness again soon, on the 11th of May, 
we still have some other things in our agenda as well.
Just not something we do just the two of us.

I’m looking forward to all of it.
I love him.
I need him.

And apparently I just got him to come and stop by in a couple of minutes.
Can’t wait to see him, kiss him, feel him, hug him.
It feels like it’s been weeks since I’ve last seen him.



Holding On & Letting Go

Last Monday,

I broke up with my boyfriend. We’ve only been together for about three weeks, but it hurt anyway.

It sucked. But it needed to be done. There was a 3 years age difference, I was the oldest. Even though he was more mature than any other boy his age, it was hard still. Because you can’t force him into being more mature than he already is. He has the right to be young, reckless and stupid as well. Also the fact that I could only see him about 15 minutes , 3-4 days every week in the train station didn’t help much..

I’m a very busy person as well, my spare time is valuable. I am either working for school, or at one of my hobbies.

So I thought it was better to break up.

It hurt anyway though… I thought it would be much better to beare.

Maybe I should just give it some time.

I don’t know. We’ll see.

Most important thing right now for me is to get through it.

And luckily, I have the greatest friends you can imagine.

They are always there to pick me up when I’m falling down, I don’t  know where I would be right now if it wasn’t for them. Probably somewhere crying all by myself.

I’m so grateful to have them around, and I think it’s important to make sure that they know that, so I try to tell them every once in a while.

Let’s just focus on school and exams right now.

And boys well… we’ll see what ‘ll happen, right?

                                                                                                   I'm trying not to think about you. Can't you just let me be?

I found this blog, and I liked this particular post, because well, it fits with mine.

This is another post from the same blog, talking about “how to mend a broken heart.”  So for anyone with a broken heart, whether you’ve been dumped, or you broke up with someone yourself, I think this helps, even if it’s just a little