That Sweet Boy Of Mine

About twenty minutes ago I suddenly got a text from my boyfriend asking me if I was already sleeping, I answered that I wasn’t, so he asked if he could stop by for a few minutes.

I was admit that I was surprised.
It wasn’t the first time that he’d do this after his training, but it sure was the first time that he suggested it.
And that he wanted to stop by after just recently seeing me, only yesterday.

It was very sweet, and loving.
How he came in and instantly hugged me close.
Telling me how much he missed me, even though it’s been less than a day.

How he needed this to make his day good, to make my day good.
And we just stood there, kissing, hugging, …
My heart skipped a few beats.

How I love that boy.

How he still keeps surprising me from time to time… 


How I Adore You

How I adore you.
Love everything about you.
That perfect smile that makes my heart skip a beat.
Those kisses that leave me breathless.

I love the way you look at me in the morning,
slowly waking up next to me.
I love the way you look at me as if I’m the only one for you.
The most beautiful girl you’ve ever seen.

I love you.
I adore you.
Worship you.
Need you.

I love the way you touch me,
just like a summer’s breeze on my skin.

I love how you touch my neck, 
caress it while you’re kissing me.
Slowly sliding it down to my collarbones.
It drives me crazy.

You make me fall in love with you so hard.
Every day over and over again.
How I adore you.
Love you.


My Ray Of Sunshine

Things are going better between my boyfriend and I.
I’m glad that we are doing better again.
It’s been a rather hard time on me.
Of course, we’re still not completely back to where we used to be, but still, it’s a start.

Our love can handle it.
I know that now, but we won’t have it easy in the future as well.
If all goes well, I’ll start my education April 22nd and he’s thinking about taking adult education, evening school…
I’ll study/work during the day, and when I get off, he’ll start his school… -sigh-

I’m scared for the future.
I think about it a lot, mostly during the night.
I’m so terribly scared to lose him.

And then there he is.
He takes me in his arms as we lay next to each other in my bed.
He holds me close and whispers ‘I love you’ in my ear.
I can only sleep when I’m in his arms, or feel him next to me.
I can only stop thinking about all the bad things and the rough parts whenever we’re together.

He’s my safe zone.
My home base.
Wherever he is, I want to be.
Wherever he is, I know that I’ll be happy there.

I need him in my life, everyday.
Seeing him, being with him is like breathing.
Without it, I simply die.

My younger brother and sister also totally adore him.
When we first met, he was still coaching my little brother.
My brother already looked up to him back then.
So he’s very proud that he and I are now together.
To him, my boyfriend is like the big brother that he never had.

To my sister, he’s the big brother she never had as well.
And a good friend.
To me, he’s my true love.
My life.
The reason I’m alive.

Even my grandmother says that I need to stay with him for the rest of my life.
And I’m planning on doing so.

Tomorrow evening, (Friday) he’ll stay over and sleep with me.
Spend the night.
It’s been so long since we slept together.
Since I got to wake up in his arms in the morning.
My parents are gone until Saturday evening.
And since my brother has his birthday this Saturday, him and I planned to take him to the movies, to see ‘Jack The Giant Slayer’, a movie he had been whining for for the past month.
Of course, we’re not going to tell my brother.
It has to be a surprise what we’re going to do.

I love him.
So much, that just saying that I love him, even thousand times a day just isn’t enough.
So I tell him that I love him so much, that it hurts.
It hurts, because my heart is so filled with love for him that it feels as it’s about to burst.

If this isn’t true love, 
then I don’t know what is.
Because every time I look into those eyes, I feel perfectly happy.
Crazy in love.
And tell me, what feeling is better than that?


Rainy Day

She looked up, rain falling on her face.
Covering her lashes with transparent drops of water.
A smile appeared on her face.
Then she looked back down, seeing a pair of eyes , sparkling as they were looking deeply into hers.
She found herself drowning in them.
The sparkle in his eyes gave away his feelings. As he held her close, he admired her beauty. So natural, yet so out of this world.
Her hand rose to stroke his cheek, as softly as ever, with only the tip of her fingers .

Barely touching his smooth skin.
A blush started to form on his cheeks.
There was an extra sparkle in his eyes. He was shy.
She smiled. He looks so adorable when he’s shy.
Her finger slides over his lips, feeling the soft texture under her finger.
Softly, she leaned in, moving her lips a bit closer to his.
Her hand slides to his chest, she could feel his heart beat faster.

Just like she could hear him breathing faster.

The blush on his cheeks were getting heavier as well.
Her lips just barely touched his, but his heart skipped a beat nevertheless and he held his breath.

She pulled back. He still had his lips put as if he was kissing, with his eyes closed. She laughed.  He opened his eyes, a bit confused, and smiled, shyly.

She giggled, took his head in her both hands and said that she loved him, the crazy boy, and kissed him, passionately this time.
She could feel herself get lost in the kiss. And so did he.
For minutes they stood there, just kissing. Being perfectly happy by just doing that.
His hand slide to her neck, caressing it. As he gently pulled her closer, to deepen the kiss.

It was still pouring rain, and they were getting soaked, but they didn’t mind. At all.
Because everything they needed, everything they’d ever need was right there. And would forever be.
She’d found what she’d spend years looking for in his eyes.
He was her final destination.