Your Arms Are My Shelter

When I’m restless or I’m hurt, I come and hide in your arms.
They are my fortress, a portal to a magical world where only the two of us exist.
As I lay beside you, your arms around me… I feel safe. I feel home.

It’s where I belong and where I’ve always wanted to be.
And those moments, when I’m just laying there, gazing at you..
those moments are pure perfection.


As I stroke your hair I feel a sudden need to become religious
because that way I could thank the higher power that gave you to me.
You truly are a blessing, the most wonderful gift I could ever imagine.

When times were rough, we fought.
We said bad things, or none at all.
You made me cry. But in the end; neither of us could leave, and the reason is simple: love.

I love you so much that sometimes it feels as if my heart is going to burst.
I long for you, I need you.
I desire you… even when you’re laying right beside me.

I am so grateful to have you, us and this wonderful, fairytale-alike love that we share.
May it be a happily ever after for the both of us.