Happiness Is Expensive

Happiness is expensive.

It’s a thought I often had and still have from time to time.
When I am sad and thinking about what I can do to make things better.
Most of the time I’m stressed, exhausted, …
The best solution I can come up with then is : “I need some time off. Take a break from work, from school and just get my love and go on a little vacation, even if just for a weekend.”
Then I eagerly start to look up trips that are fitting to what I need, sadly, trips cost money.
And when you don’t work -at least at my current job-, you don’t get paid.
It often makes me sad and then I say to my love “That we are to poor to be truly happy, because we can’t go anywhere or buy things that make us happy”.

I let it sink and then I realise: happiness doesn’t cost a thing.
It’s not taking a trip that can only make you happy, or buying expensive things.

Happiness, at least for me, is spending the evening with friends and their little children -as we are going to do tonight-.
Happiness is having a movie night with either one of our younger brothers, or both.
Happiness is going out with friends, having drinks or something to eat.
Happiness is lying on the couch with your lover behind you, his arms wrapped around you, his breath in your neck, watching a show and softly falling asleep, together.
Happiness is coming home to a cat meowing frantically , happy that you are home.
Happiness is a little bunny jumping up and down his bench when he sees or hears you coming home, or coming downstairs in the morning.

Happiness can be whatever you want it to be.
When you let it, the small things become big ones.

Happiness is everywhere, if you just let it.

I am tired of looking at what I don’t have, instead I learn myself to focus on what I do have.
I appreciate what I have, and who I have.
The lover by my side
The friends.

Happiness is a choice.
And I choose to be happy.

– Britt


More than words could ever say

I love you
more than words could ever say. 


Every time I wake up next to you, I simply know that it’s going to be a great day no matter what.

Every time when you look into my eyes, I can’t help but feel my knees go weak.

You can make me giggle like a school girl in love.


When you kiss me the exact same way that you first did I fall in love with you all over again.

Every time I watch you sleep I feel so damn proud that I get to call you mine.

All mine.

My beautiful boy.


I Dream

I dream.

Of our own little place.
Where it always smells like roses.
Where the rays of the sun dance on the floor and windows.

Where happiness is all around us.
Where we dance every night, drinking whine.
Where we make love.

Where we live.
Where our friends come to visit us.
Where we can fall asleep on the couch, cuddling for the telly.

Where we fight,
make up.
Laugh and cry.

Where we start a new chapter of our life,
Where we’ll learn just how strong our love is.

Where we surprise each other.
Where we cook side by side.
Where we clean dishes, splashing water into each other’s face.

Where we give our own personal touch.
Painting the walls.
Decorating. Making it ours.

We wouldn’t need a big apartment.
Or a lot of money.
As long as we’d have each other, we’d be fine.

I dream and dream, 
and hope that it will finally come true.
I count the days.



Best Four Days! ♥

I just had four amaaaazing days with my boyfriend, so I have to admit that now they’re over I feel a bit sad.

I love going to school, I love all that’s being teached to me but still.

Wednesday evening we went to a bar with his best friend, we had a few drinks when I suddenly got the idea to go to the MacDonalds nearby.
Since it’s open ’till midnight.
They both thought it was a great idea and we hurried over there.

Once we had arrived there, we saw a friend of mine again, whom we’d seen before, in the bar where we first were.
We laughed at the unbelievable coincidence (since he had left the bar before we had)
and made some jokes about it.

When we got in line to make our order at the MacDo, I noticed that the cashier boy was also one of my friends, whom I know worked there because I’d seen him there one time before.

We had a small talk before my boyfriend, his best friend and I got to our table.
In the end, right before we were about to leave, my friend offered me a free milkshake, I could even pick the flavor!

Thursday I went over to my boyfriend’s to do some work for school while he helped his mom and youngest brother painting outside.
I did my task for school and spent the other time chatting with my ex-best friend (who’s still a great friend of mine!).

After he was done painting, my love and I went to a little fair.
I sweetly asked him if he would win me a teddy bear in the luna park.
One from the machines with the hooks.
He said he had never done that before.
But that he’d give it a try, for me.
After about 5 times trying, he did get me a teddy bear!
The cutest ‘me to you’ teddy bear that you could imagine!
A big one as well!
With a blue cap on, and her little blue nose…
I named her Ariana, because it’s one of my favorite names.
I simply couldn’t stop hugging her!
She’s so cute!
I couldn’t even begin to explain how proud I was of my love.
It was the sweetest thing!


Friday we took the train to Ghent where we spent the day shopping.
I still had to get a gift for Mother’s Day, and some birthday gifts.
Luckily, the weather brightened up during the day.
We had MacDonalds as lunch and spend some hours just hanging around.
What a lovely day it was!
In the evening, my brother and I left band practice early because we were tired, which gave me some extra time with my love.
I’m addicted, I know.

Saturday, we got up rather early as well because we had a reservation at a Wellness.
We had been there before, one time and we’d been very happy about that experience.
This Saturday however, there were lots and lots of people.
So we left around four in the evening.
We’d been there about… 5 hours in total.
But still we felt satisfied.

I slept at his place Saturday night, since his parents were gone until Sunday evening.
We had a rather boring evening, just watching fragments of movies and series on tv.

But the night, sleeping in his arms was great!
Although it was hot, and I barely slept.

Today, I spend the morning sleeping in his bed while he was away for a match.
I got up with him though, had breakfast together.
In the afternoon, we went to my grandmother and had lunch with a part of my family.

What a lovely four days those were!



Flowers are coming out,
revealing themselves.
Shining bright in the sun.

Temperature is getting warmer.
Time to wear those tops and shorts.
Short skirts.
Summer dresses.

People start to come back out in the open again.
Going for a swim.
A romantic pick nick.
Or just a casual walk.

The days seem brighter.
Full of live.
Of love.

People smile.
Happiness is all around.
Everywhere you look.
The darkness is gone.

Light has won once more.
Spring has finally defeated Winter.
Spring, a new beginning, conquered the cold, long , dark, depressing Winter.
All is well now.

All is good.
The world is lighting up.


A Spark Of Hope

Tonight I went over to my boyfriend’s place again, like I do every Tuesday.
I have dinner there and go to his practice with him.
Right when we were about to leave for practice, he checked his Facebook and saw that he didn’t have any.
That there were too few people.

So we decided to go ‘out’, we drove to the town nearby, took a walk around the neighborhood until we both got way too cold and decided to go into his favorite café.
The café where we had been on our very first date as well.
We brought back those memories, talking about it as he bought me my favorite drink when I’m cold: a hot chocolate with whipped cream.

We talked and talked and talked…
It was heaven.
It really was.
Not that we don’t talk enough, we constantly talk, but this was different.
We got to talk about what’s “wrong” right now.
About us.
Our plans.
Before we had left, I had gotten all sad again in his room, telling him that I found we had been boring lately.
That we got into some kind of routine.
That I felt trapped, being home for over a month.
I felt bored.
Barely alive.

In the café, I also confessed to him that I miss Ghent a lot.
I miss seeing other people.
I miss the warm sunny days in Ghent when everyone would go to the Citadel Park near school, where we’d just sit and enjoy the sun.

Sometimes, there would even be musicians playing in the garden house.
We would get pizza, kebab or french fries nearby and go and eat them in the park.
Or we would go to the Saint-Peters Square and sit in the sun.
Or visit the beautiful garden that’s located there.
Or have a drink at the bowling place.
Yes, life was good back then.

And I miss Ghent.
A lot.
All of it.

It felt good to talk about all of that with him.
It felt like we both needed that.
And as we sat there, talking, smiling, laughing, drinking…
I fell in love with him all over again.

When we were still at his place, I told him that maybe we shouldn’t see each other for a couple of days.
That I would die because I’d miss him, but that maybe we would break the routine that way.

But sitting in the café, there was not a single part of me that wanted to be separated from him.
I needed him.
Always have.
Always will.

Yes, tonight was a good evening.
I just wish we could’ve spend the night and morning together as well.
It broke my heart to tell him goodbye for the night.
I hope that soon I won’t have to anymore…