Passion & Love

To me it’s one of the key elements in a relationship.
It’s what keeps the relationship, the love alive.
That desire to see him again.
That desire to touch his skin.
To feel his naked skin pressed against mine.
It’s such a great urge.

So when we lost our passion, it hurt me. A lot.
It still does.
I felt as if we were losing ourselves.
Who we where.
Who we had been.
The passionate, crazy-in-love but oh so adorable couple.

I was scared that we’d lose our love.
I missed the way he looked at me.
As if I was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen.
So sexy and attractive.
I know that he used to desire me.

But his look went away.
The touches got less.
Things got… routine.

I have a feeling though, that we’ll get better.
That we can make it.
That we can once again be the couple I used to know.
The couple I used to love.