Flowers are coming out,
revealing themselves.
Shining bright in the sun.

Temperature is getting warmer.
Time to wear those tops and shorts.
Short skirts.
Summer dresses.

People start to come back out in the open again.
Going for a swim.
A romantic pick nick.
Or just a casual walk.

The days seem brighter.
Full of live.
Of love.

People smile.
Happiness is all around.
Everywhere you look.
The darkness is gone.

Light has won once more.
Spring has finally defeated Winter.
Spring, a new beginning, conquered the cold, long , dark, depressing Winter.
All is well now.

All is good.
The world is lighting up.


Autumn Darkness

“Those damn cold autumn days” , she mutters as she hides her face in her scarf. It’s so cold outside. Her fingers almost freezing off as she walks towards her train. It’s only 5.30 p.m but it’s already dark, as if it’s already late evening, or night.
Those damn days, and winter’s not even here yet.
Autumn and winter were dark times. Of course, there are days filled with light and happiness as well, such as Christmas and New Years (Eve). But besides that, it was a period she wishes would soon pass.
It’s dark in the morning when she leaves for school, it’s dark in the evening when she comes back…
And test have proven that more people are depressive during Autumn and Winter then any other time of the year.
Which she found isn’t that crazy at all. It’s cold, it’s dark, people don’t like darkness. Even though they might say that they don’t.
It’s only human. Dark is dangerous. Mysterious. You never know what might happen.
And what would you prefer, walking through a small street filled with lights, or walking through a small street with only one or two street lanterns burning?

See, point proven.

She stares through the train window, trying to bring back some happy thoughts into her head, but it’s as if there’s something blocking that, stopping her from doing so.

Maybe it’s Winter that came early?


Dear Darling

To be with you is all that I desire.

To have you by my side is all that I need.

To have your arms wrapped around me, warming my body, warming my soul, is all that I want when I come home in the evening, tired of the day.

Oh how you can make it all okay with just one look, one kiss, one smile.

You can make the darkness disappear out of my heart, and put a burning flame in the place. 

It was you.

It is you

and I sure hope that it ‘ll always be you.

Because darling, you, more than anything or anyone else,

complete me.

You’re the light part of my soul.

Of my existence.

You make me shine like the brightest star.

And I love you for how I am when I’m with you. 


When Elenia woke up the next morning, she felt happy. Renewed. Alive.

It seemed like the sadness and hurt had finally left her heart . She didn’t know for how long, and frankly, she didn’t even care. She felt good, great even. That’s all that mattered.

Though there was just one strange thing, her thoughts concerning the past night were a blur. A black blur.

She remembered hearing a loud sound, she thinks she even got up to see what it was, but from then on, everything’s a blur.
Oh well, didn’t really matter.

It was a beautiful day. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, the weather was great. Time to go out to nature.

Her feet leaded her to her favourite spot when the weather was good. The forest. With her new camera in her hands, she danced over the path, into the forest. Smiling, feeling happy as ever. Taking pictures of every beautiful thing she saw, the sun shining on some leaves, the water sparkling as the rays of the sun reflected in it…

The forest had never looked so beautiful before.

“I just have to take a picture of this” , she said as she watched a little bird enjoying the sun on a tree branch.

When all of a sudden, she heard a noise behind her. Leaves being moved. Branches breaking. She quickly turned around but couldn’t see anything.

She moved to the direction the sound came from. A shadow passed. It surprised her so hard that she ran off, away.