To All My Lovelies

Ever since I started this blog a few years back I have written a lot of things, some personal, some rather distant.
Some fiction, other non-fiction.
Every now and then there have been readers/followers that have recognised themselves in some of my texts.
Some answer in a comment and tell me a part of their story, others don’t.
I understand that some of you might think as you are reading “hey, I’ve been through that too! I understand what she means!” but are afraid to comment because of the fact that everyone else can see their comment. It makes you feel vulnerable.

I understand that, because for me it’s also a big step to comment on other people’s posts, reacting with my own story, my own experience.

This is also the reason that ever since my blog was mocked in my hometown and made fun of, I have been resistant to write any more personal things… To be completely honest even now, I’m still scared that someone with bad intentions that knows me in my daily life -even if from a distance- will read all of this and mock me.

But like they said in the movie “A Cinderella Story” – the one with Hilary Duff- “Don’t let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game”.

I still love my blog, I miss my blog.
And in the past days I have written about 4 posts, and it’s a relief.
It feels good to be back.

I am still me, and helping people is still one of my greatest passions.
I know that I am just a group of words, written on a computer screen.
But if for some people I can be of help, a support, a shoulder to cry on ; I would like that.

So if any of you have thoughts, stories or anything else to tell me…
Now you can, without commenting on here.

I have made a special e-mail account where readers/followers/friends from this blog can contact me on.

You can tell me a funny story, share a poem, put your heart out, give suggestions for the blog, ask to publish something of yours … anything is possible.

If I can only help one person, or make just one person smile again.
I would be a very happy girl.

So for all my lovelies: (without the x that is in the name of the blog!)

is the e-mail you can contact me on.
I hope I won’t get mails from people with bad intentions or dirty pictures or that kind of stuff, but if I do: I will delete them immediately.

but for the ones that want to talk:

I’ll talk to you soon my lovelies

for now: all my love

– Britt



Love Is This, This = Love

It’s in your eyes as I look over to you
the morning sun causing your face to glow.

It’s in my heart as I tenderly caress your face,
my fingers smoothly sliding over your soft skin.

It’s in my body as it trembles longing for your touch,
your hands on my body.

It’s in my soul as you kiss my lips
ever so sweetly.

It’s because I don’t care that sometimes I cry because I’m hurt,
since I know you’ll be the first to comfort me when I do.

It’s because I know that it’s worth the hard times that all couples have sometimes
It’s because it’s worth the pain.

It’s because you make me do all those silly things
that create the memories that I cherish the most.

It’s because when you take me by the hand, look into my eyes and dance with me
I feel as if I’m losing my mind, falling in love with you all over again.

It’s in me, all around me, it’s in you
it’s everywhere.

It’s in the desire to spend every other night of my life sleeping next to you
and waking up in your arms to see your beautiful smile the very next morning.

It’s in the need to see you everyday
because a day without seeing you is just a day not worth living.

It’s because I know in my heart and soul that I want to spend the rest of my life with you by my side.

It’s because I know what I want, need and crave for.
It’s you.


Haunting Past and Burning Tears

Today I learned in class that my past still haunts me.
Even though I try so hard to leave it behind me.
There are things that keep haunting me, chasing me down.
Situations that I never properly placed.

And yes, there were some tears.
But I fought them back as long as I could.
After class I stayed behind in the classroom, all by myself.
And it was then that I let some tears loose.

Yes, the past still hurts, bites.
It still lures in the darkness.
Because not every hurtful thing from the past remains there.
Some things still occur today.
Or they keep coming back.

I texted my boyfriend and as always, he did his best to console me.
He said that I should leave the past behind, and I know that he’s right, but I find it really hard to do.

I’ll try my best, again.
But I’m not sure that I’ll succeed.
Not this time.