It’s Been A While

It’s been months since my last post, I’m aware.
Believe me when I say I would have loved to write down my feelings, and whats going on…
But the truth is, ever since people from my neighbourhood found this blog that was and still is so precious to me and made fun of everything on it… my blog hasn’t truly felt safe anymore…
It feels violated.
I don’t know who else is reading along, is it just my faithful followers, my wordpress friends? People I love and care about?

Or are those from my “real life” still around? lurking to see if they can find some juicy story that they can exploit?
How safe is it for me, to post things on here?
Will people read it behind my back? make fun of it? talk to my family or friends about it?

I have so many things I want to talk about… that I NEED to talk about.
Get them off my chest.

Even if no one reads them
comments on them or even cares about them…
I just need to write them down.

A few times I was here, writing those things down but ended up deleting them in the end… because I got scared.

I hate it.
My blog was my own space, my escape. With all these lovelies following me, the sweet comments, the good friends…

I hope that soon, I’ll feel safe enough to start writing here again…

Because I really miss this..
I miss this place.

I put so much time, effort and tears in creating this safe space.
This virtual world.

I’m not planning on getting it taken away so easily from me…

I’m a lover, not a fighter, but I’ll fight for what I love…

– Britt



To All My Lovelies

Ever since I started this blog a few years back I have written a lot of things, some personal, some rather distant.
Some fiction, other non-fiction.
Every now and then there have been readers/followers that have recognised themselves in some of my texts.
Some answer in a comment and tell me a part of their story, others don’t.
I understand that some of you might think as you are reading “hey, I’ve been through that too! I understand what she means!” but are afraid to comment because of the fact that everyone else can see their comment. It makes you feel vulnerable.

I understand that, because for me it’s also a big step to comment on other people’s posts, reacting with my own story, my own experience.

This is also the reason that ever since my blog was mocked in my hometown and made fun of, I have been resistant to write any more personal things… To be completely honest even now, I’m still scared that someone with bad intentions that knows me in my daily life -even if from a distance- will read all of this and mock me.

But like they said in the movie “A Cinderella Story” – the one with Hilary Duff- “Don’t let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game”.

I still love my blog, I miss my blog.
And in the past days I have written about 4 posts, and it’s a relief.
It feels good to be back.

I am still me, and helping people is still one of my greatest passions.
I know that I am just a group of words, written on a computer screen.
But if for some people I can be of help, a support, a shoulder to cry on ; I would like that.

So if any of you have thoughts, stories or anything else to tell me…
Now you can, without commenting on here.

I have made a special e-mail account where readers/followers/friends from this blog can contact me on.

You can tell me a funny story, share a poem, put your heart out, give suggestions for the blog, ask to publish something of yours … anything is possible.

If I can only help one person, or make just one person smile again.
I would be a very happy girl.

So for all my lovelies: (without the x that is in the name of the blog!)

is the e-mail you can contact me on.
I hope I won’t get mails from people with bad intentions or dirty pictures or that kind of stuff, but if I do: I will delete them immediately.

but for the ones that want to talk:

I’ll talk to you soon my lovelies

for now: all my love

– Britt


I’m Back!

Hello there my darlings! 😀

Today, my new laptop arrived so I can fi-na-lly start properly blogging again, YAY! 😀
I’ve truly missed the ability to do so.

So much has happened:
* The London trip from April that I still need to tell you guys about.
* I finished my education and graduated (yay!)
* I started working in a new nursing home (chaos!)
* My love and I celebrated our 2 years together
* …

Muchos muchos to tell!

So stay posted, ’cause I’m back baby 😉 


Technical difficulties

Hey guys!

Sorry that its been so long, but my parents made me give my good laptop to my younger sister – long story-
And I got my old , crappy one back

Which is incapable of doing… Anything really

Which is why I can’t reach my blog
And haven’t been able to post the past months

I’m sending this quick message from my phone
But it’s not enough to keep my blog up the way it should.

I’m saving to get a new laptop as soon as possible
I’m hoping to be back online in two months, stop.

So bear with me as I try and get a new laptop as soon as possible
Before I throw the other one out the window

I love and miss you all

Talk soon!<3

Shout out for an amazing friend !

This post goes out to someone special.
I met her here, on WordPress, and although we only speak here, in comments I feel like she’s become a true friend.
I love her writings and I love how she keeps supporting my blog (even though it’s gotten pretty crappy lately, considering I rarely write… sorry for that. Writer’s block.)
She’s been comforting me and pulling me through some pretty rough times.

So therefore, 
thank you Dakshi, for always being there for me and for being such a good friend.

Lots of love for you!

Ps. Make sure to check out her a-ma-zing blog!


1st Anniversary Of BittersweetxRomance

Today’s the 1st anniversary of the blog.
One year ago, I started this blog, thinking that it would be just another unvisited one as all the others that I’ve been on before.

But suddenly I got all this people visiting me, leaving comments, following me, …
I made new friends, got a whole new family, online, in reach.

I got people inspiring me, helping me become who I am today.
I had people on here supporting me, encouraging me.

All of you made this blog what it is today.

So thank you, all of you, for making sure that today I can celebrate the 1st anniversary of my beloved blog!

– Britt