Gary Turk – Look Up

This is a video I shared on my personal Facebook a while ago.
It’s a video I think everyone should see, especially these days.
People spent way too much time buried in screens: cellphone screens, computer screens, …
Communicating to other people in a non-social social way.

I strongly recommend everyone to see it.
For me personally, it was a real eye opener.


Lately I’ve been having a hard time being on Facebook.
Suddenly it all occurred to me that it’s really fake, and not at all what it used to be.
Several years ago I made a Facebook account to stay in touch with my foster family from my school trip to England. Along the way I got to know new people from all over the world via IMVU for example.
Friends in high school started to use Facebook as well and eventually I got all the people I cared about together in one spot, since MSN Messenger was more and more outdated …

In the beginning, that was what Facebook was to me: a way to stay in touch.
But over the years it kind of turned into a trophy channel: you have to impress each and every Facebook friend with heartwarming, smart, fun, … statuses. Post as many as possible pictures of yourself. Your relationship had to seem perfect, and straight out of a fairytale book. Bouquets with the most beautiful flowers in it, dinner dates, concerts, …
Followed by a string of pictures from exotic vacations in far away magical beautiful countries…

That seems to be what Facebook has become now:
A way to make sure that everyone believes that your life is perfect.
That you are feeling great.

And the truth is: It’s fake really.
And it’s exhausting as well to be competing all the time, convincing everyone that everything is perfect.
It’s not.
It’s fake.

Couples fight every once in a while, it’s normal.
So maybe the girlfriend got a bouquet because the boyfriend screwed up big time, or because they had a big fight the night before and this is his way to make it up to her.

I know I have a great, true relationship.
Like every normal relationship we have had our ups and our big downs, but we make it through.
And the best moments with my love, I don’t share online. Because those moments are intimate and very personal.

I am even thinking about deleting my Facebook account.
It’s either that or deleting most of my Facebook friends.
I am spending less time on Facebook, and when I do I just react to things other people post. I mostly post articles I like, I find interesting, …

I think it’s important to not let life pass you by.
Live life offline, not online.
Spend more time with your real friends, your boyfriend/girlfriend, family…

Cherish the special moments.
And if you do so , you might realise that life is way too beautiful and inspiring to live spend behind a computer or a cellphone.

Life is out there, go experience it.

– Britt


Being Nice

Being nice.
It’s something few people do, but still everyone I know seems to think that it comes naturally. That it’s just how someone is. “That’s just who she is, she is always nice” is an example of that.
But as someone that is often seen that way as well -thankfully- I can assure you: it doesn’t always come easily.
There are times that when I am scrolling through Facebook for example, I come across a really unflattering picture, or an annoying status, … when even I think to myself “well.. that doesn’t look good at all.” or “that hairstyle is not flattering at all” for example. But instead of writing those things in a comment, I CHOOSE to stay positive, and say something nice about it instead.
Some people that I told this to said that it isn’t nice of me to do that at all, that it’s lying.
I don’t agree: Lying would be when I don’t like the hairstyle for example, and tell her that it suits her very well.
It’s not lying when I say that “it’s something else, it’s special” for example.

I don’t lie.
I try to find something positive in what the other person said, how they looked, what they wrote…
Because let’s be honest: everybody knows that you can achieve more by giving someone a compliment than by bringing them down.
Most people need a compliment and positivity every once in a while as well.

So if I can make someone happy by saying something nice, instead of something mean or embarrassing, I guess I’ll just keep “lying”

– Britt

Sometimes I wonder… 

Sometimes I spend my days wondering, worrying.  Trying to understand why it seems that bad things always seem to happen to good people. From time to time it really baffles me.

I know of so many couples that always did and do their best to be there for everyone, always share the little things they had, were always there when anyone needed them, lived humble, work(ed) hard,…  and yet bad things keep happening.

To be more personal, my fiancé and I are in the same situation.

We both work hard, I combine working and studying at a university -which, I’m not going to lie, is really hard- to give us a better future, to give future children of ours a better future. I do my own household, try to cook on a daily basis, be a good daughter, daughter-in-law, granddaughter,… but my days just seem to flash by without me even realizing what happened. My days seem to be too short for all the things that need to be done.

And then my fiancé got fired from his job… he has been sitting at home since the  15th of December….

meanwhile other things have happened, unexpected costs, and we are trying our very best to plan a budget friendly wedding, seeing what we can do ourselves,…

But to be honest… it’s a really hard time. It has been even before my love lost his job…

I’m doing my very best, we both are but sometimes it all just seems to slip through my fingers and everything seems so unfair.

Even though this whole post might seem sad, I remain hopeful. Things will get better. I’m confident in that.

It’s only a matter of time, and effort. But I can do this, we can do this. We will get through this.

– Britt

London ,Baby

Hi lovelies!

I know it’s been awhile -again… – which is why I’m currently taking some time on vacation to write you lovelies these post.

I’m currently in London for my second day of six days here, with my lovely fiancé (you read that right!).
The past few months have been kind of busy: new work, preparations for school, school started, bills bills bills, …
AND as you read before: I got engaged!
For my birthday (5th of June) my love took me to a surprise weekend to the north of France where we stayed in a beautiful fairytale castle and on the morning of my birthday, while our roomservice breakfast was on the way… HE PROPOSED !!
I first cried for like ten minutes straight and finally blurred out “YES!”.

So the past few months has been me stressing a lot over the wedding since I want to keep it small, simple, cheap, but fun.

We would marry November next year.
An Autumn wedding!

So vacation was well needed.
And 6 days of London/England was our favorite choice.

Yesterday we went to visit Covent Garden (which we already lost our heart to in the past), Piccadilly Circus, SoHo and China Town.

Today we had a “slow” day and went to visit the British Museum for almost 5 hours.
Tonight we have a musical planned, one of my favorite Disney stories of all time: Aladdin.

Tomorrow we have an excursion to Stonehenge and Bath, which I’m super excited for!

Friday we are going to Camden Town, Highgate Cemetery and maybe Hampstead Heath park.

Saturday is time to visit Hever Castle. I’ve been there before with school and just needed to get back there!

Sunday -our last day- will be a nice and quiet one which is not exactly planned out yet 🙂

I’ll try to do my best to keep you guys posted, but if I don’t find the time (since I need to study too) I’ll try to write some posts once I’m back home, since I’ll be in vacation for another week.

See you soon my lovelies!


Grateful Heart

Ever since my burnout I try to start each day with a grateful heart.
Sometimes it comes easily, when I wake up and see my gorgeous love lying next to me.
The sight of my sleeping beauty always tends to warm my heart and make me get up with a smile.
I get up, give the cat and pygmy rabbit their morning food and a hug and stroke, get my cereal and then go back upstairs, eating my cereal on the bed next to him.
He then always softly wakes up just a tiny bit and starts stroking my back in an ever so sweetly way.
When I’m done eating I spend 10-15 minutes wrapped in his arms, snoozing, until his alarm goes off and it’s time for us to get ready.

We leave the house together, kissing each other goodbye and wishing the other one a nice day.
We call each time around noon.
It’s a habit.

In the evening, I get to spend more time next to him, close to him.
The moments where we’re lying next to each other, my head on his chest hearing his heartbeat, wrapped in his arms… those are the ones I cherish most of all.

Those days are easy to be grateful for, because after all: how could you not?

But like every person, I too -unfortunately- have my dark days as well.
Where I feel hurt, even without reason sometimes.
Where I am mad at him.
Had a bad day at work.
Felt misunderstood.

Where I see
things that make me lose faith in humanity.

When instead of beautiful, life seems hard. Unfair. Harsh.
Where I lose my trust in people I thought were good friends.
Where I feel disappointed.

I myself am a rather gentle person, very caring.
I always put everyone else before me, and I find it very important to be gentle, respectful and kind to everyone. Even those that may not deserve it.
Especially those that don’t deserve it, nothing pisses them off more than someone not reacting to their rudeness and someone that’s being kind instead.

I always try to smile.
And sometimes, you get a door slammed in your face and feel very disappointed.
But sometimes, every once in a while, people respond in an even kinder way.

I find it so normal that this is how people should behave towards one another, that I tend to get very disappointed when I get a door slammed in my face…

It’s true that most people got more selfish, self-absorbed and numb.
But it’s for the one’s that aren’t and keep fighting rudeness and cruelty that I get up in the morning.

It’s those kind of people that make the world go round, spreading the love.
Restoring faith in humanity.
Showing that we can in fact make a difference.

I choose to try and see the best in everyone, even the cruel ones.
Although I have to admit that some people make it very very hard.

I choose to be happy
to let my life be filled with love.

I choose to be kind.
I choose to be open.

I choose to be grateful.


Let’s Get You Up-To-Date

Hello my lovelies

It’s been a way too long time and I apologize to anyone that was concerned about me, since my latest post wasn’t the most happy one.

I’ve been busy getting myself further and further out of my depression.
I started seeing a psychologist, which I still do today.
It’s not what I expected, but that’s a problem I will later solve.
I started working again, my first day was 26 april, I work as a household maid.
Not a fancy job, but it has good hours (from 8 a.m. ’till 4.30 p.m.), no weekends, no holidays, …
which allows me to pursue something else I’ve been wanting for a very long time, but didn’t have the balls to do up until now, with the full support of my love: I’m going back to school.
In September I will start a new course, which will take at least 3 years to complete; Family studies.
Basically I will be the person always defending the interests of families, helping their with their relationship with other people, with each other..

You can do a lot of different things with the study, although I don’t know if you guys have the same agencies and services in your country.

For example: In Belgium you have a sort of student counseling, based in the school (CLB).
When a student gets send their it can be for multiple reasons; to help them with their studies, give them tips, ways to study, to help them solve personal problems, problems at home…

They are not a psychologist, but they mostly act as a intermediary, a negotiator which always defends the interests of the one in need.

You can also work for welfare services, foster care agencies, refugee homes, ….
you can go a lot of different ways.

It really wide actually, hard to describe, but trust me when I say it’s sounds truly fascinating. I can’t wait to begin! So looking forward to the lessons!

Same as with my studies to become a nursing auxiliary, it’s always been my dream, my goal to be able to help people. Make a difference. No matter how small.

Since I myself come from a rather… troubled home, I even more want to be able to properly help, which I felt wasn’t realistic while being “just” an auxiliary nurse.
I needed to become more, to be able to do more. To not feel so restricted anymore.
Which is why I took this decision. It’s going to be hard, I’m aware, and I know a lot of people doubt me, but I at least have to try or else I’ll never forgive myself for not even trying.
It’s a bachelor diploma, which means at least 3 years of studies.
Which also means that when I graduate, I can do lots of various jobs, even in other working fields, since in Belgium, for most jobs you merely need a bachelor diploma, no matter about what subject.

Which is why I started working the job I know do:

* I am home when my love is
* I am able to choose my own hours (less or more) from time to time
* I have the same customers each week
* No more weekends = more able to meet up with friends and do fun stuff
* The possibility to study
* Also I would like to start exercising again in September
* A life

I don’t need to worry anymore that my cellphone will go off and it’s work, asking me to come do a late night shift, a night shift, ….
Asking me to come work in my weekend off..
I KNOW my schedule so I KNOW when I have a hard, busy day.
I can plan things.

Sadly, it has some negative points as well:
* No more colleagues; I have some, in the agency, but we never see each other since we all have our own clients
* You’re always alone -most of my customers are home, but it’s not the same…-
* It’s psychically hard work: really bad for your back, shoulders,… It’s tougher than working in the nursing home.
* It’s mostly the same , everywhere. In theory we can do lots of different tasks (cooking, cleaning, groceries, ironing,…) but all customers ask the same: cleaning.
* Most clients have an unrealistic view of what is able to do in 4 hours and expect A LOT, which makes it quite exhausting from time to time…

But all that aside, I still mostly like it. It’s very rewarding, in a way.
Last week, I signed my final contract and I have to admit that I felt a bit proud.

I really feel as if I’m pulling myself out of the dark pit that my depression was, finally, I can see the light again.
I feel more like myself again.
And the fact that I have so many beautiful things to look forward to… it thrills me!
None of this would’ve been able without the support of my amazing love though.

He is the one that opened my eyes and showed me the light once again.
Things haven’t been easy, I haven’t been easy, but we made it through just like we always have.

So with this enormous, long post I will leave  you  for now my lovelies.
And for the ones it may interest, here is a link to the site with explanation about my future study.

All my love,

– Britt