Something I see on a daily basis in my work as a household maid/cleaning lady is that my clients often have a lot of preconceptions. 

I tend to work in trainers and a sporty top, which I notice my clients often see as me being some kind of lowlife …. 

When I tell that I study, it’s as if I’m doing some kind of hobby course, or as if I’m still trying to get a high school diploma. Which I’m not. I’m doing legitimate higher education studies.

They also seem tho think that I’m quite retarded and that I do this beceause my life is crappy and I am incapable of doing anything else. Which is not the case.

So when I tell them a few actual things about myself, they often don’t even believe me.

I do this work beceause it has good hours, no weekends, no holidays… and because I was looking for a job I could combine with studies and family (relation, kids,…). I can work more or less hours if I want to, always have the same clients… but I don’t love doing this job nonetheless. I can feel myself getting more and more stupid everyday. 

It will change one day.

Sometimes in life, you have to do something you don’t really like in order to be on the way to what you like. 

I too keep my goal in mind, and that helps.

I too try not to have preconceptions about other people, because you never know why they do what they do or say what they say. 

Although sometimes it hurts me how my clients see me. 

But I’ll get through it. I’m on my way. The right way.

I’m just bit eager to get there.

– Britt


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