Being Nice

Being nice.
It’s something few people do, but still everyone I know seems to think that it comes naturally. That it’s just how someone is. “That’s just who she is, she is always nice” is an example of that.
But as someone that is often seen that way as well -thankfully- I can assure you: it doesn’t always come easily.
There are times that when I am scrolling through Facebook for example, I come across a really unflattering picture, or an annoying status, … when even I think to myself “well.. that doesn’t look good at all.” or “that hairstyle is not flattering at all” for example. But instead of writing those things in a comment, I CHOOSE to stay positive, and say something nice about it instead.
Some people that I told this to said that it isn’t nice of me to do that at all, that it’s lying.
I don’t agree: Lying would be when I don’t like the hairstyle for example, and tell her that it suits her very well.
It’s not lying when I say that “it’s something else, it’s special” for example.

I don’t lie.
I try to find something positive in what the other person said, how they looked, what they wrote…
Because let’s be honest: everybody knows that you can achieve more by giving someone a compliment than by bringing them down.
Most people need a compliment and positivity every once in a while as well.

So if I can make someone happy by saying something nice, instead of something mean or embarrassing, I guess I’ll just keep “lying”

– Britt


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