Working On It

Lately I’ve been thinking about this blog a lot.
I used to share my posts on my Facebook wall but not anymore, since at one point there were a bunch of people making fun of it in the neighborhood…
Which – to be honest- hurt me quite bad…
They made fun of my posts
my life
the things I wrote

My Love knows how much I love to write, to share.
He said that I could start a whole new blog, somewhere else, on a different site, maybe even my own site.
I said “No”, I wasn’t going to let some bullies ruin a blog I’ve been working on for yeeeeaaars.
It may have started as a rather childish one, talking about my favorite shows and such, but I will never, ever delete those posts.
Because just like me, my blog has grown up, you can even see it, going through the posts.

I won’t let some bullies years of hard work.
I love my blog, and I won’t abandon it.
It may seem like I don’t care about it that much anymore, since I don’t post as much as I used to , but you have to trust me on this one: I’m working on it!

Working on some big stuff, to bring back the spirit of BittersweetRomance;
* Travel
* Life
* Feelings
* Personal (from time to time)
* Lifestyle
* Music
* Television
* ….

My blog is just like me: I can’t be explained in just a few words
or sentences
you may know me for 40 years and still don’t know everything about me.
Just like my blog, I come in layers.

So hang in there, with me.

I also want to say a big thank you, thank you: for all the people that come and visit my blog, that support me, that comment.
The likes, the views… it means the world to me, not because I have a dream to become famous or such
but because I hope that somewhere, there’s someone sitting behind their computer, cellphone, … reading one of my posts and actually feeling like you’re not alone.
Feeling comforted in a way.
Maybe even smiling.

If I would have accomplished that, than I can be proud of myself. That’s what I’m doing it for.
So thank you, each and every one of you.
Thank you.

Talk to you soon




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