The Winner Gets It All

Helly my lovelies

as many of you have already read, I was a little bit down the past days/week since I recently lost my job after only 2 days of work.
I ,however, planned to not just give up like that. And I didn’t.
I send over 25 resumes to all kinds of nursing homes, close and far and I got about 4 responds…

Today, I signed my contract in one of them,  and I’m pretty happy and excited, but also quite nervous.
It won’t be easy and I’ll have to work, hard.
I hope I’m up for it.
There are days when I work about 12 hours so…
I’ll only have to work 1 weekend out of 4, which normally is 2 out of 4.
So I’ll get to spend more time with my love.
Since I’ve got a job again, it’s all up to him now to find one, so we can live together.

But I’m up for it.
I’m prepared to work like that, as long as I have work.

I’ll keep you guys posted!



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