The Overflowing Bucket

People who know me, know that I’m a very sensitive, yet quite strong person.
I deal with death everyday in my job, I shed a tear every single time and I mourn but I get over it as well if one of the persons I cared for, took care of and looked after dies…

I can handle bad news, as long as I still got my love by my side.
I can handle pressure.
I can handle lack of sleep.
I can handle it.

Sometimes I break
but today is not that day.

But sometimes, it just gets too much.
I’m in that kind of place right now.

I was in a desperate need of some rest, some time off with my love.
And then I got home and heard bad news… twice.

I know it’s probably just life being a bitch again, testing how much I can handle.
And although I cried in my car on my way to work, I still didn’t break.

I’m still very sensitive, and I’m still me.
But somehow, I got harder too. Stronger. Tougher.
Because I keep my goal in mind.

Whenever work was hard, whenever I shut myself in the toilet for a few minutes just to ease the pain in my back and shoulders, or just to straighten things out for myself I just keep in mind that I’m doing what I love, no matter how hard it sometimes get.
I keep in mind that I’m doing it for my biggest dream: being able to live alone with the love of my life.
Our own little apartment. Our own home.

It’s what keeps me going.
It’s my strength.
My goal.

Just like he is my life
my heart
my everything.

The One True Love Of My Life
The One True Love Of My Life

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