Sometimes I Cry

Sometimes I get sad, for no obvious reason at all.

Today, I got sad and the reason is quite obvious: I’m 22 years old and I’m nowhere near where I imagined I would be at this age.

I still live at home and I will be for at least a year -I fear-.
I thought that by the age of 25, I’d become a mommy, but the longer it takes for me to find my own place to live, the longer I’ll have to bury that dream. And I really, really want to be a young mommy someday soon..
So sometimes I cry, because I’m still stuck at home knowing that my dream to be a mommy won’t be happening for 5 years… at least.

I quit my first job, because it wasn’t what I expected and because I barely got a half-time, and I NEED a fulltime. I need to be able to set some money aside.
Sometimes I cry, because things I was really sure of didn’t work out the way I hoped they would be.

I had so many plans… that all kind of fell apart.
So I started crying, my love standing by my side not knowing what to do.

He talked to me about how he too had lost his dreams, standing nowhere on the age of 28.
How he wanted things to be different as well.

And then he just took me in his arms, held me and wiped away my tears saying the very best thing that someone could then say to comfort me :
“I’m here. We’ll get through this, together.” ❤



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