Crazy Weekend – Friday

So last weekend was my weekend off, and it was pumped with activities.

Friday night: first band practice -I play the saxophone- and then off to a party not far from my house with my boyfriend and his friends.
And I’m actually proud to say that I got “drunk” for the first time, ever! (and I’m 22 years old, that must be some kind of achievement, right?)
I drank a few cocktails (about 4), but I did it on a pretty much empty stomach (not a good idea, apparently) and I had gotten up early that morning (5:30 a.m) for an 8hour shift at work (HELL!) so I was pretty tired as well.
All of this (cocktails+empty stomach+supertired= “drunk” + sick)

So yeah. At first I was all happy and joyful, telling everyone I knew that I was ‘a bit tipsy because I’ve had too much too drink’, everybody loved me. 
My boyfriend still teases me with that.

And eventually, I started crying for no reason, because I didn’t know what was going on with my stomach and head, but even as I was crying, I was still kind of joyful like “oh my god, why am I crying? will you just stop it already?!” -which made my boyfriend LOL for real-
At the end: I got sick all by myself.

But the best part is:
My boyfriend took me home -I stay with him in the weekend- and put me in bed, laid right beside me and just held me in his arms as I was crying , because I felt so sick -I absolutely HATE throwing up since I always kind of choke in it-.

He held me in his arms, gently stroked my face with his fingers and just kept saying in my ear : “shhhh, I’m here now. It’s okay. Get some sleep.”

Which actually helped.
I loved him so much for that, even though I was kind of ashamed because of the way I’ve acted.
He didn’t mind though.

And neither did I when I woke up.
I’m young, I should be free to act stupid every now and then.
To make memories.
To live stories I can tell to my children, grandchildren when I’m older.
So I can be sure that I’ve lived.

It was the first time that I enjoyed that party so much
and to know that my love’s always there for me,
that he really got my back…
best feeling in the world.

To be drunk, sick and crying and fall asleep in his arms while he’s soothing you.
Waking up to him in the morning, him getting up early for practice kissing your forehead saying that you should stay in bed, get some more sleep.
That he’ll be back soon.


And that my loves, is true love.




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