Sometimes , happiness comes from the little things

Happiness comes by just looking at him
Watching him sleep

Happiness comes by seeing him smile
The most beautiful smile

Happiness comes from just laying in his arms
When everything else fades

Happiness comes from a simple kiss
When your lips meet

Happiness comes from the realization that he truly loves you

Happiness comes when you realize
That every little,beautiful part of him belongs to you

And only you



10 thoughts on “Happiness

      1. I remember how you felt at times, I have gone through the same motions and now seeing you happy, I wish you to have a fairy tale love in your life.

      2. It’s true that I have been through hell and back again

        And I thank you for your kind words
        You are far too nice dearest

        I only hope that you know happiness again as well
        And that you too are living a fairy tale love

      3. I am..I have the best love in the world and he makes me happy. These days he is away for couple of weeks and I am bit down. 😦

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