Because I Need You To

They were sitting there.
Silently seated next to each other in the car. Parked in a dark spot nearby the place where he had picked her up.

“Why? Why is it that you never react on anything that I say? Do you care that little? Do I mean that little to you? I swear, sometimes it’s as if you have no feelings at all.” She suddenly spoke, breaking the unbearable silence. 

She could feel a strange vibe coming from his side of the car.
“Because you make me silent!” He bursted out.
“Because every time you start, words just come shooting out, like arrows! You break me down! You just punch me right into the ground. You leave nothing left of me. You say all the things that I’ve been doing wrong for the past months. All at once.  So I collapse and just shut close. Keep silent.”

She held her breath in. He had never been this mad at her before, and tears started burning behind her eyes again.
“Enough,” she thought “enough with the crying already” As she choked away her tears.

“I don’t mean to…I just do it so you can analyze and see how it’s going… That it’s getting worse.”
It was all she managed to say. Then silence sat back in.

After a while, she started talking again.

“If I’m such a pain in your ass… then why are you still with me?” She softly asked. 
“I’m a wreck. Emotional, I haven’t been feeling physically well too. You can do so much better than me… You don’t deserve all of this…”

“Because I love you, very much and with all my heart. Even when you keep calling that a bullshit reason when you’re mad at me and ask me why I stay with you, why I want you to stay, that doesn’t make it any less true.” He softly answered.

Her heart skipped a beat. How she loved him for saying those words.
How she loved him.

“So… now what?” She softly asked.
“I don’t know…”.
“Do you need some time, or distance? To get your mind straight?” she asked.
“I think that could be a good idea.” He answered as he placed his hand on hers. 
She looked at him and softly smiled.
“As long as we both want to keep fighting for it, I’ll know we’ll make it love.”

They shared the most perfect kiss.
And she knew in her heart, that there was still hope.


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