When A Heart Skips A Beat

One look from you, and I’m lost.
My head is somewhere floating around in space
while my heart is beating so hard I’m scared it will just pop out of my chest.

When you touch me, gently slide your fingers over my skin,
I get goosebumps.

Even after all these time I still drown whenever I look into those big, beautiful eyes.
You’re so heartbreaking beautiful.
I could just look at you all day. Day after day.

Your kisses still leave me speechless.
Whether it’s a simple “hello” kiss or a passionate one, filled with desire.
Which makes saying “goodnight” to you even harder than it already is.

Even after almost a year and a half, you’re still the air that I breathe.
The world that I live in.
My own little piece of perfection. My angel from heaven.



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