The bathroom door opened.
She went in and plugged the heater in before opening opening the taps to let the stream of water into the bath.
After a few minutes she slipped into the water, top of her feet first, then her whole foot and elegantly she slid in completely.
The nice warm water surrounding her naked body.
Welcoming it. Softening it.
All the aches in her body went away, as if she was magically healed by the touch of the water.
She closed her eyes, finding a moment of peace at last.
A quiet, peaceful, painless moment.

Few minutes later she opened her eyes again.
She felt reborn, different.

It was as if all her troubles, all her pain had been washed away with the water.
All she smelled now was her strawberry shower gel
the smell of flowers.
All the smells she loved in one place.
On her body.
Surrounding her.

It was the smell of hope.
Of rebirth.
She opened her eyes once more and smiled.
Because she knew that all things weren’t lost at all.

She was back.
Better, and stronger than before.



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