I Am Grateful

I am grateful…

… for all the great friends that I have. I may not have a whole group of friends, but the ones I do have I know I can count on.
… for my amazing boyfriend. The past year has been hard on us from time to time, for us individually and as a couple. But we made it. We’re still happily together and working to keep it that way. I love him so much.
… for all the people that have supported me throughout the year, which I needed very much every now and then.
Thank you for making me believe in myself again, when all hope was lost.
Thank you for picking me up when I was falling down.
… for all the followers, viewers and visitors of this blog.
As some may know, I was thinking about closing and deleting the blog, since I was getting bullied because of it, behind my back.
But it’s thanks to your sweet comments, your likes, your following that the blog is still here.
It’s because of you guys, not because of me.
You have no idea how happy every sweet comment -no matter how small- makes me.
So thank you.
So very much
… for all that I have accomplished the past year. I’m doing something I really love and I do everything I can to make it.
I want to succeed.
And even though it sure has cost blood, sweat and tears, it’s all worth it.

But most of all: I’m grateful to be alive.
And healthy.

And I’m grateful that I’m on the edge of living just another year more.



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