Deafening Silence

It was a cold, freezing night.
As she walked down the hill, following the path she could see her own breathe.
Her fingers were cramping, they were freezing.
She kept walking down, faster and faster, to keep herself from freezing. 

A single tear was streaming down her face.
It was a hot tear running down her cheek.
She didn’t wipe it away.
She simply accepted the fact that she was hurt.
More than she had thought before. 

She stopped by the little bridge as she looked over the board, watching the water follow it’s path.
Make it’s way through the green land.
Searching for it’s way.
Yet peacefully flowing. 

She heard footsteps behind her.
It was him.
He stretched his arms and reached out for her to pull her in his arms and hug her.
She pulled back.
“Just let me…” she mumbled. 

He was confused and didn’t know what to do.
“I just need you to answer my question.
If you can’t, or you don’t want to, I’ll have to make a conclusion.”
He didn’t answer, he simply stood there. 

“That’s clear enough.” She said
and she started walking the other way.
She didn’t stop, just kept walking.
More hot tears started to roll down her cheeks.
She didn’t mind that much, they kept her face warm.

Her eyes started to hurt as the cold was getting worse.
She was standing all by herself on a little bridge.
Watching the water.
Trying to get her heartbeat down. 

It took a while before he went after her.
“Love…will you just please go back to the house with me?
It’s freezing out here.”
“No, I want to stay here.”
“But why?” 

“Because I don’t know where to go to.” She answered him.
“I can’t go back home, and I don’t know if I can go back with you.
I don’t even know if I want to stay with you. Not like this.
I think that maybe… we need some time apart.”
She choked on the last five words.

There was a silence coming from his side.
“But I don’t want to…” he softly spoke.
“Neither do I , but I think it’s best. At least for now.
I’m sorry…”
She said and slowly turned around, walking back in the other direction.

There was a deafening silence.
The only sound she could hear, was her heart breaking.
And what a loud
and painful sound that was…





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