Best Christmas Ever

“Christmas lights” by Coldplay was playing as she was hanging christmas balls in the tree.
Her eyes were sparkling with joy.
She danced across the room, admiring the strings of little lights hanging by the windows.

The little candles which spread a small but warm fire.
Cosiness was all around the room.
The scent of cinnamon filled the air.

A mistletoe was hanging above the door.
Big presents with a ribbon over it were stocked underneath the christmas tree.
Her fingers slide over them, eager to open them.
She closed her eyes as she heard the song play in the back.

Two strong arms reached for her from behind and held her in a warm, comfortable hug.
“Merry Christmas my love” a male voice whispered in her ear.
She turned around, with a big smile on her face.

“Merry Christmas to you too my dearest, and what a great Christmas it will be”

He smiled back at her before kissing her tenderly.
“The best Christmas ever” she thought in her head before kissing him back.



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