Poison & Venom

I have this person in my life, who controls every step I take.
Every move I make.
She plays me like a puppeteer plays his puppet.
An evil puppeteer.

She’s a dictator, and evil person.
I have to be like her, or like the image she’s always been having of me.
But I don’t want to be.
I want to make my own choices, take my own decisions.

She’s like poison.
She’s in my veins and can’t get her out.
She’s in my blood.
She’s everywhere.

She’s like a snake.
Crawling herself around my throat, my arms, my legs…
Choking me.
Drawing the life out of me.

She’s like poison, slow but deadly.
As soon as you think you’re happy, truly happy
she comes and destroys it.
She takes away the happiness, the laughter, even the love.

She comes with new rules,
new laws.
Laws you need to obey
unless you want your life to be any more miserable.

She’s going to drive him away from me…
the only light in my life.
She already makes us fight.
Which we normally never do.

She wants me gone.
Out of her life.
And the thing is,
I want the exact same thing.

I need her poisonous venom out of my blood.
Gone from my life.
I need her gone.
It’s crucial, if I want to finally live a happy life.
If I want to finally be free.
Because it’s destroying me.




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