Drowning in my tears

I loved you so, still do.
But you keep pushing me away, with every coming day.
Further away from you.
And it hurts, so much…

All I try do to is help you, but you don’t even see it.
You keep breaking my heart with every word you say.
I know that you love me, but the depression is taking over.
Turning your heart into a cold, hard stone.

Once you were the light in my life, but your light is growing weaker with every moment.
The darkness is consuming you.
Pulling you away from me.
Tearing my soul apart.

I have my own problems to figure out, to handle and solve.
I have your problems, tearing me down.
I’m drowning and can’t keep my head up.
And your hand isn’t there to reach for anymore.

What should I do?
Leave you behind, like you did with me?
Or keep fighting to get the boy I love back?
The one I fell in love with?

Because I’m drowning more and more with every second
the water closing in on me.
My lungs filling with water
as you stand by the side and watch me sink to the bottom.

I’m drowning in my tears
and choking on the pain.

What happened?



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