Little Red Riding Hood

I have a list of things that I want to do before I die.
Things I’ve always wanted to do, but never had the guts for.
The courage.

To dye my hair was one of them.
And the color I’ve always wanted was a shade of red.
Either copper colored or a bit more orange, lighter.


This was the color I wanted.

In a moment where I just decided to be impulsive me and one of my best friends arranged a sleepover where she’d do my hair 
and make it red.

As the weeks went by I constantly changed my mind.
Another color, another shade, maybe it was better if I wouldn’t do it, …
I started to hesitate, back down, crawl back to my safe spot that I’ve been in for all these years.

But like I said, life is too short.

So when the time was there, I bought the color that I wanted.
And made the decision to sacrifice my beautiful golden hair.

It’s been red/copper since Saturday evening.

I love it.
I had many positive reactions about it.
My parents aren’t too happy about it, but there not mad as well.
They know that I’m an adult that needs to make my own choices.

And if it looks good on me, well…

see for yourself 😉




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