Sometimes we screw up

Sometimes our minds go blank.
Sometimes we don’t know what to say.
And then there are other moments when we say the first thing that pops into our head.
Which isn’t always the best thing to say.

Sometimes we hurt someone’s feelings, even if we didn’t mean to.
Sometimes we act foolish, stupid, selfish for no reason at all.
Sometimes we can’t explain our own actions, because we don’t know why we acted that way in the first place.

Feelings, emotions, love…
It’s all unexplainable.
It’s not something logical, it’s a thing on it’s own.

When we fight we tend to say things that we don’t mean
most of the time it’s things that we’ve been thinking of saying, but we realized that they were too cruel to actually say. 

But when one gets angry, people tend to be foolish and stop to think rationally.

Sometimes I want to send a message to you, but it just comes out wrong.
I end up hurting you or making you angry.
And I end up crying because I feel guilty.

Sometimes I desperately need you close by my side
but you’re emotionally unavailable.
You’re distant, pushing me away. 

Sometimes I think to know what’s wrong with you, what’s bothering you.
But I end up being wrong nonetheless.
Sometimes I make mistakes but you know that I’ll always make things right again.

I love you
and I love us.
It’s hard work, but every relationship is.
I’m willing do fight for it, work for it, make a change if needed.

Are you?



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