These Words Are My Own

I want to write about these things that I feel in my heart,
coming from within, from my soul.
I want to talk about what it is that you do to me, 
but words simply aren’t enough, capable to express what it is that I feel.

Because baby, looking into your gorgeous eyes
I burn with the heaviest desire.
I die because I want you so badly
that it just wouldn’t be healthy anymore.

I need you, constantly.
Every heartbeat of mine needs to be answered by one of yours.
I breath the air you breathe.
I would kill for one of your kisses, because they are pure drugs to me.

I need you, I love you, I’d kill for you, die for you.
A day without you is a day wasted.
For almost a year long, I’ve been calling you mine, all mine.
Showering you with love.

Please promise me that we’ll do our best to keep it this way.
To stay the adorable, cute, cuddly couple that I’ve grown to love so much.
Our passion and love is what makes us this strong.
This special.

I love you more than I could ever love anyone else.
You really are my one true love.



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