Love Is Whenever I’m With You

Love is whenever I wake up next to you.
Love is whenever I see your beautiful smile, all the time.
Love is when I drown in your eyes.

When I feel completely helpless, so totally and deeply lost in you.
And yet you’re the only one that can save me.
When love is in every touch we have.

Love is whenever your fingers touch my skin.
Softly. Tenderly. Lovingly.
Ever so gently.

Love is in every look we share.
Love is being able to sit next to each other, you playing the xbox, me playing the laptop.
Love is being able to keep distance.

Love is taking care of each other.
Through good and bad times.
We support and love each other.

Love is being able to act like complete idiots together the one moment
and have a really deep talk the next.
Love is being able to share our deepest secrets.

Love is being able to let me act like the little child I sometimes can be,
As I skip around the forest.

For almost a year long we’ve been showing people our love.
Our beautiful, beautiful love.
For I think there is no better love than ours.

Love is whenever I’m with you, 
always by your side.



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