Sometimes They Come Back

You know how sometimes there are certain persons that you never ever want to see again because something happened between the two of you?

Have you ever had them suddenly coming back, appearing as if brought back alive from the dead?

I sure have.
And it happened again tonight.

About a year ago while I was studying to become a teacher in my first year of higher education in college I had a gang of friends with whom I’d always hang out.

We skipped some classes together, we had fun, we talked, we laughed, we cried, we went out, …
It just may have been the best time of my life.
There were five of us: three girls, two guys.
Four out of five had nicknames, I didn’t.
You had Smokey, The Godfather, Mr.Hyde and The Hobbit.

As I said before, we were a great gang.
I was close with all of them, but with The Godfather maybe just a tad more.

He liked me, there was some physical attraction.
I wasn’t in love with him though, neither was he with me.
We just thought each other to be physically attractive.
Two beautiful people right?

I loved him so much as a friend.
So much, that when last summer when I won an exclusive avant-première of the latest and last Batman: The Dark Knight Trilogy (the dark knight rises) I invited him to come with me, along with two other friends of mine.

He came early that day and we spend the day at my house, getting ready, having a drink (he had brought a bottle of wine over), we ate together, …

We had a great time together.
A few days later, the gang and I went out in a city nearby.
Two days before that evening, I had been with a boy.
My current boyfriend.

We had kissed two nights ago, but I still didn’t know if that meant whether we were or weren’t together now.
I texted him all evening.
So much, that my friends asked me to invite him over.
So I asked if he would like to join us, and he did.
He came over and we had a great night.

The Godfather, a good friend as he was gave us his blessing and smiled all evening at the sight of my happiness with that boy.
Whom I still love more and more everyday, even though we’ve been together for almost a year now.

And after that great night, all went wrong.
The Godfather didn’t answer any of my texts, mails, …
He simply disappeared.

I saw him once or twice very awkwardly, but I felt that things had changed.

He started to ignore the rest of the gang as well.

It went on.
And we went on with our lives, wondering though what we did wrong to make him treat us that way.
The only one he was still talking to, was Mr.Hyde.
The girls, he ignored.

So tonight, me, my boyfriend, Mr.Hyde, Smokey, The Hobbit and three other people were going out.
In the same city were we always went out, because it’s where Smokey and The Godfather live.

We were sitting outside a bar, enjoying a cool summer night with a drink nearby when suddenly Smokey said that The Godfather was approaching us.
Indeed he was.
He was accompanied by two friends, two guys.
Mr.Hyde got up and ran after him, to say hi.
We all could see that The Godfather wouldn’t have stopped otherwise.

He had a talk with him, while the girls and I were discussing whether or not we should go and say hello.

The Hobbit got up, went over and came back.
Apparently, The Godfather had ignored her completely.
He didn’t even look at her.

Later, when he was about to leave, after I had burst out in tears at our table Smokey and I went over to him, saying hi and asking if we could talk to him for about two minutes.

He agreed.

As Smokey started talking to him, asking him the reason why he mistreated us that badly I choked.
She said that for months we’d thought that he was dead.
That we’d been worried sick.
He didn’t even look at me.
It was so hard.
He said that he simply had a lot of shitty things going on, and that he didn’t want to see or hear anyone.
Smokey said that instead of ignoring all those texts, mails, … he could’ve just answered that he needed some time and that he’d rather be left alone.
He said that he thought that would’ve been cruel and mean.
I couldn’t help but bitterly answer : ‘yeah sure, it’s much easier to just ignore…’
As he continued his stupid explanations I just couldn’t fight back the tears anymore.
So I walked away.

I just… walked.
As I started to panic.
My heartbeat speeding up,getting harder to breathe, …
I panicked.
It simply was too much.

My boyfriend ran after me and just held me, trying to console me.
I cried and told him that I really wanted to go home now.
He agreed and said that we’d leave right away.

So we did.

While we were on the road back home, I got a text from Mr.Hyde saying that The Godfather was still with them, talking things out.
I don’t believe that though.

How can you talk a year of ignorance out in only a few hours?
How can you make up for a year of frustration, anxiety, powerless feelings?
It’s simple.

You can’t.



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