Film – Earthlings

This is a beautiful movie narrated by Joaquin Phoenix (known from movies like “walk the line” and “Gladiator”).

It talks about pretty much everything that human earthlings do wrong.
The way we misuse the power that is given to us, the power that we created ourselves.
The way we use it to repress ‘weaker’ people.
The nazi’s, the KuKlux- clan, sexism, racism, …

It also talks about the way we mistreat animals, our fellow earthlings.
Clubbing baby seals, butchering animals, …

I found it a very beautiful, clear and powerful movie.

I’m not going to stop eating meat now, but I’ll surely keep this movie in mind next time I see meat in a store.
I’ll be more conscious about what I eat, and where it comes from.

I strongly recommend this film.
Because it really does open your eyes.

Movie- Earthlings


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