You Make Me Happy

It was morning.
She opened her eyes and looked to her side.
He was so beautiful, laying there all peaceful, quiet.

He looked so at ease.
She softly rolled over to his side.
Tenderly she stroke his cheek.

He opened one eye just a little.
“Good morning beautiful” she whispered to him as she smiled.
He simply smiled back.
” ‘morning”, he managed to mumble.

She lay there, stroking his face.
Adoring absolutely everything about him.
She still couldn’t believe how it was possible that this gorgeous, sweet, caring and sensitive guy was now hers.

But she sure was glad that he was.
He meant everything to her.
And she know that these feelings that she had for him
wouldn’t go away that easily.

After about ten minutes he started to wake up as well.
He pulled her close into his arms
and started stroking her hair.
“I love you” He softly whispered.

Her face turned all red
even though it wasn’t the first time that she heard him say that.
But it was the combination of it all.
The perfect morning, with the perfect amount of sun-rays falling in and the perfect moment.

Lovingly she lifted her chin to look into his eyes.
Startled from the sight of his beautiful eyes gazing down upon her she kept silent.
When she finally caught her breath she whispered
“I love you even more” as she tenderly kissed him.



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