Wonderful Day and Energy Renewed

As some of you may now, last Wednesday (the fifth) was my 21st birthday.
I’ve told that my love had something planned, but that I didn’t know what.
It started when he arrived at my house, he gave me a little package.

I was so nervous to open it.
It appeared to be a Swarovski necklace, and a beautiful one!

It’s a heart shaped one, hanging a little out of balance. It’s got two rows of little stones on it.
It’s so beautiful!
And expensive I’m sure! 


He told me that I’d be wearing it that night.
For the second part of his plan.

We went to dinner in a fancy restaurant, we had a lovely dinner there!
And how handsome he looked in his shirt with his black costume vest.
My handsome looking guy.

Dinner was over rather fast , although we each had three courses.

It was getting crowdy as well, and there was a lot of noise, which gave me headaches so he asked for the check and we left.

We went back to my house, where we changed clothes and shoes as we would take a walk around the neighborhood.

Just like we did about ten months ago, on the evening that we got together.

We went to the cemetery nearby, as I paid a visit to my great-grandmother’s grave and my grandfather’s.

I also visited the grave of an ex scout leader of mine, from the youth movement.
We watched the sun go down as we sat there.
Thinking and talking about our past, our wishes, dreams and future.


It was so perfect.
All of it.

I really had the most wonderful birthday, although it wasn’t how I thought it would be.

I love him.
I love everything he does.
And I love him for all the effort he’s put into this.
It was a great birthday.

And I hope , from the bottom of my heart, that it won’t be the last birthday that I celebrated with him.



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