Haunting Past and Burning Tears

Today I learned in class that my past still haunts me.
Even though I try so hard to leave it behind me.
There are things that keep haunting me, chasing me down.
Situations that I never properly placed.

And yes, there were some tears.
But I fought them back as long as I could.
After class I stayed behind in the classroom, all by myself.
And it was then that I let some tears loose.

Yes, the past still hurts, bites.
It still lures in the darkness.
Because not every hurtful thing from the past remains there.
Some things still occur today.
Or they keep coming back.

I texted my boyfriend and as always, he did his best to console me.
He said that I should leave the past behind, and I know that he’s right, but I find it really hard to do.

I’ll try my best, again.
But I’m not sure that I’ll succeed.
Not this time.


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