Everyday Heartbeats

Wednesday the fifth of June is my birthday.
I’ll be 21 then.
Apparently my boyfriend is planning something, although I have no idea what it is that he’s planning.
Are we going somewhere? Are we seeing someone?
No clue at all.

He’s making me curious though.
Every now and then he tells me something, which makes me want to know even more.
But he’s keeping his mouth shut.

Meanwhile, school is passing by and I’ve started to study for the exams.
It’s going rather well considering that it’s been way too long since I needed to actually study.

My boyfriend is being super supportive though, and we cherish our moments together even more, knowing that we won’t be able to constantly see each other the next few weeks, since I’ll have to study, have exams, …
I’m not looking forward to it.
I need him by side. As much as possible.
But it has to be done.

What I do look forward to though is my three weeks home alone, when the rest of the family ‘ll be on vacation.
Because then, my boyfriend will move in with me for three weeks.
It’s a good way to see if we would be able to live together.
I’m counting the day ’till then.

I’m also planning on inviting some friends over in those weeks.
Although I’ll be on my internship.

I’ll practice my cooking, cleaning and ironing as well.
I’ll practice running a household.
My boyfriend and I will be a little family of our own.

I’ll see him after our work, we’ll cook together, watch TV together, go to bed together, …

Yes, it will be heaven.



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