Declaration of Love

Give me a sign.
Tell me what I should do
to win your love.

Give me a sign.
Tell me what it is that I need to say
to win you over.

I’d take my heart out of my chest and hand it to you myself.
I’d give my all.
If only you’d love me.

I would go wherever you want me to go.
I’d travel to unknown places. Face my biggest fears.
To be yours.

If only you would see
just how perfect it could be.
You and me.

Looking into your eyes,
I know it’s where I’m meant to be.
I want to lose myself in your embrace.

I want to kiss you endlessly.
Hold you close.
Call you mine.

So please, let me love you like I know I can.
Let me shower you with adoration.
Desire finally fulfilled.

Because it is you that I want most.
It’s you that I crave for.
It’s you that I’d do anything for.

It’s always been you, 
it still is,
and it will always be you.



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